Tracking that Time of the Month

Want to know something I have honestly learned about myself? That I am a mega beeyotch right before my period, about 7 days. Yes, took me 33 years to figure that out.

Every annoying moment (right, wrong, or indifferent) in the last 6 months with the gentleman I’m dating has happened during that time period (yup I tracked it). Been to direct to my mother, it was also then. Said things that weren’t in my place? Yep, a week before my cycle.

The resolution? I have a timer on my phone a week before my cycle every month to remind myself that I’m extra sensitive, emotional and reckless for the next seven days. I try to be more low key and quiet, regardless of how I think I feel.

I’m sure I’ve hurt a lot of folks, or had folks think I was crazy, when I was only PMSing. Well, I’m living and definitely learning too.

I say all that to say is I’m really learning KB. Only then can I be the best I can be, which is my goal.

I’m tracking and trending for this billion dollar corporation so I can track things my emotions to understand my life. I value my life as much as or more than money, so I better act like it too.

Learn yourself so you can manage yourself.

KB The Nashville Social Butterfly

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