Networking in Nashville: World Hunger Team

On 12/9 I was privy to a Networking Event hosted by Stay-On-The-Go at Salsa restaurant. I am working more on networking so I decided to attend the event. I am learning that the best work is network and I am working to continue to expand my network in my quest for purpose and understanding.

There were some prominent Nashvillians in attendance (Jerry Maynard) and this event provided free head-shots for the first 30 people to register (for which I was one). A free head-shot is definitely a good look for your LinkedIn profile picture (selfies are very unprofessional, I know this and I have a selfie as my profile picture).

This time in networking I learned about a nonprofit called World Hunger Team  founded by a gentleman named Randall Putala.  The organization takes old railroad train cars, turns them into greenhouses, and senior citizens tend to the garden and partake of the fresh produce. These recycled the train cars, gives senior citizens purpose, as well as fresh healthy food. This may sound very simple, but who knew that there types of endeavors are happening right here in Nashville.  Randall gave me a sound piece of advice. I asked him how long he had been growing fresh produce, and he corrected me: “I didn’t grow anything, I just put the right ingredients into the right environment.” That was so very profound. It acknowledges our belief that God exists (regardless of how you serve). And that you have to put things into the right environment to grow. Who’s in your environment? What are you growing?

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