Nashville: Cranes and Construction – Midtown Development

One of the goals of this blog was to help decode the maze of cranes and construction in progress and provide a more detailed understanding of the new buildings going up in Nashville. As I drove around town I always wondered “is this going to be condos or apartments? Would a new company to Nashville inhabit this building or would a company moving from the suburbs to the city occupy this space?”

As I was riding around looking for a coffee shop for which to work, I decided to take pictures of the the signage and research the details in order to better understand the future state of the Nashville city. With this in mind I have decided to call this new segment “New Nashville – Cranes and Construction”

If you are riding down Broadway away from downtown, you pass “Midtown,” and right before you get to the Vandy area, there are two huge areas of construction across the street from Tavern/Icon Tattoo Studio. One of these buildings will be the Aertson Midtown 1, 2, 3 Bedroom Apartments.

Brought to Nashville by Indianapolis real estate development company Buckingham Companies, the project named the Aertson midtown will be a mixed use property including 17 stories, 350 apartments, 180 room hotel by the Kimpton Hotels (think Intercontinental and another tidbit, Nashville’s own HCA/Frist company has investments in Kimpton Hotels as well), meeting spaces, retail space and thank goodness, parking spaces. The area will develop in phases starting with the apartment homes which are slated to be available near the end of 2016.

Why is it called the Aertson?

Jan Aertson was the great-great-grandfather of Cornelius Vanderbilt, who founded the university next to which the mixed-used project is underway at the intersection of 21st Avenue South, Broadway and Division Street.  Aertson (pronounced AIRT-son).

If you see another flag that says Torti Gallas and Partners as you drive by (at least I did and I took a picture to remember to research it) this company is the contracting company.

Boasting a rooftop pool, gourmet chef, and options for commercial spaces, this is going to be a huge addition to the midtown area.  Check out the details here.

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  1. Nashville is definitely not the same spot it use to be! Being away has taught me that things really do change!!!

    Great post

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