MTSU vs Auburn

Today was a wonderful day. Don’t you like those types of days, when you have plans, but your plans change and the day still turns out great? What I planned to do doesn’t matter. What matters is that I ended up at Bridgestone to watch MTSU vs. Auburn men’s basketball. It was a great game; close score that ended up in overtime. The final score was MTSU 88 and Auburn 81. I am so proud to be MTSU alumni.

What made my day even better ( other than the 70 degree weather) was the burger I had at Burger Republic.

Sidebar – I saw a patron with their dog on the patio. I asked the hostess if pets were allowed, and she stated that “they truly aren’t allowed, but depending on the manager, pets are tolerated on the patio.” This also made me pretty excited because I am bold enough to test this “unspoken pets allowed on the patio policy” on another wonderful day.

Sidebar 2 – I am truly a lover of patios in Nashville.

Finally what made my day perfect was getting to hang out with my niece who is 13. She asked to watch a funny movie. I am having her watch Major Payne and Low Down Dirty Shame and she is cracking up laughing.
It’s all about the little things. I’m so glad to have had a simply wonderful day.

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