Leon Bridges at Ryman March 2nd

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My friends know I am a music head and recently I was introduced to an Atlanta artist named Leon Bridges.  Whew when you listen to this man croon (that’s the only way to describe it) you are going to feel like you have taken a step back into the 60s — think Sam Cooke.

I just heard his music back in October/November.  By chance I looked to see if he was performing in the area soon and he will be at the Ryman Auditorium in March for a soulful night.  Also performing with him is Son Little, another dope soul artist.   He’s sold out too!  I had no idea.   I found a ticket and will be in attendance solo and am looking forward to a night of real lyrics and music.   Anyone have an idea of what this genre of music should appropriate be labeled?  It’s more than hip hop, its more than r&b….its New Age Soul.

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