Barlines inside Omni Hotel and Jeff Dayton Music

It was December 23rd, and a friend of mine decided to take me to a bar to have a drink.  Interestingly enough it was one of the few places I have not been to before and was excited to partake on the adventure.

Barlines is a nice open bar inside of the Omni hotel.  It has a huge TV screen as well as patios facing the street with TV’s outside.  I definitely can see this place as a nice place to watch football or to hang out on the patio and people watch.
Nashville being the city full of country music hopefuls, a gentleman pulled out his guitar inside the restaurant and began to play.  A lot of the songs I did not recognize, but he did play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow (you know the beautiful Hawaiian version).”

He stopped by the table and gave me his business card and I’m shouting him out on my site today:

Jeff Dayton – hit the link to view his Youtube page, is a Nashville artist, songwriter,  producer, and session guitarist.  You can also visit

It so cool to be able to hear live music performances anywhere at anytime.  Best of luck to you Jeff Dayton and it was wonderful to meet and chat with you!

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