Cinco de Bey-o 2016

Let me start by saying I love Beyonce. I think she is a great artist and performer.  I will admit however, that I am not as much of a fan of the latest music, and I connect more with her older albums.  However her impact on the musical genre is undeniable.  I’ve never seen Beyonce perform live, so for that reason, I purchased a single ticket to a floor seat for Beyonce’s event 5/5/2016.  Because I wavered on even going because of the cost.  I didn’t purchase my ticket until a week before the event.  Fast forward, and the event was cancelled.

Cancelled you say?!  I will admit I was so irritated that my money was tied up and I was without a product.  Grr.

Read about the theories I heard for her cancellation, as well as see a few pictures from Acme’s rooftop Beyonce Mourning party below!

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