Can I Live? Five Things to Remember in Times of Social Tension seeks to highlight the things that make Nashville (and eventually the world) so fascinating.  A big part of the fascination with Nashville, in my opinion, are the people.  I would definitely consider myself to be social butterfly when it comes to being on the scene and out and about, however, social advocacy for the people are also a pivotal piece to this platform.  My advocacy is usually displayed in who I am as a woman, and in the choices I make.  But as I grow this platform, I plan to do more.  This piece is the introduction. will utilize this platform to discuss social issues and be a voice for CHANGE.  This means changing group dynamics, changing the conversation, and preconceived notions and ideas.  This will all be done by asking the questions, providing the dialogue, and seeking to understand from a solution oriented perspective.
 In the midst of the most recent acts of violence, terrorism, and police brutality, I decided my response to these current events would be to ask my good friend and Life Coach for his reflections.  I prefer to refer to experts or people who represent what I envision as the solution, when it comes to where I gather advice.
Specifically, on a recent Facebook post I mentioned that with so many random acts of gun violence happening in America, how can one be sure to take care of themselves mentally, emotionally, and socially?  How do we wrap our brains around this environment, and what do we do to make sense of it all?  His thoughts — and a few of my interpretations — are below:
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Soulville Listening Party at Art History Music Lounge



The goal of this blog is to connect the Nashville community with its up and coming pillars of the community; they are the faces of #NewNashville. would be remiss without having the site blessed by Nashville Native – and I’m proclaiming him – Performing Arts Ambassador Rashad “Tha Poet.”  I say performing arts because he’s multi talented in the arts of acting, spoken word, and rap.  He’s being spitting poetry and flow on the mic since my high school years (think late 90s) and his latest project “Soulville”launched May 11.   I attended the listening party for Soulville at the Art History Lounge on Jefferson Street and am bringing the experience to

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Isley Brothers at Schermerhorn Symphony

Tonight, the Isley Brothers performed at the Schermerhorn Symphony Hall.  I really love this venue.  If you have never been to the Nashville Symphony, you must check out an event at the Schermerhorn. It is a beautiful location, inside and out.  It really makes you want to dress up, get a date, get out the house, and take some nice pictures.  I was raised on old school music, and I wanted to see the Isley Brothers because there was no telling when the next time they would be  in town.

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