Nashville Family Legacy Featured in National Museum of African American History

Who is Ladonna Boyd and the R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation? Knowing the Boyd Family is knowing black history as the Boyd Family established documents and documentation and processes that provided the structure, training, education, that are the backbone of the Baptist Church.  The family is one of the “Coolest Black Families in America.”  And don’t just take my word for it.

Ladonna currently serves as COO of R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation (RHBPC) and oversees technology, resources and assets, financial endeavors, investments, and personnel.  This includes the endeavors of first minority-owned bank Citizens Bank and the operations and curriculum for the National Baptist Congress.  Serving minorities and setting the standard for black-owned business, RHBPC recently celebrated 120 years of family business, making it the oldest minority-owned business in the country.

As we kick off 2017 I’d like to keep top of mind what we all should be working towards — family legacy and heritage.  What will be your legacy?

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