TSU Homecoming 2016 – NSB Picks

Presenting the MOTHER of ALL Tennessee State Homecoming Events Calendar.  This calendar combines the open to the public events at TSU as well as ALL of the events that are non-TSU affiliated, but part of TSU Homecoming celebration.
I got you.

So while I am an MTSU alumni, there is a very distinct difference in PWIs and HBCUs as far as homecomings, catering to cultures.  I am also a Nashville Native, so while I was in college levels yet – I attended TSU for  nursery school and Pre-K and I have come to accept and respect the TSU audience in Nashville.

A few NSB notes:

  • Cool thing about the calendar is if you click on the event, you can see ticket information, if available
  • Another cool thing about this calendar is you can one touch add the event to your calendar, so you won’t forget
  • All times are approximate
  • I am not responsible for anything that happens from the use of this calendar.  The content is what my sources have provided me, but again, I can’t be responsible or what you do with this information

As for me, here are my favorite events:


The BOAA Mixer


Pep Rally

The Alpha Day Party





Honestly,  there is quite a bit of fun in hanging outside of the events and festivities…. but I think that’s called loitering which is illegal.  Be careful out there, for sure.  AND DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!


Sooooo………What are you favorite TSU Homecoming Events?

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Peyton Manning and Project 615

Photo Jan 27, 12 04 14 AM (1)

(photo credit and t-shirt can be purchased at project615.com)

Peyton Manning began his football career at the University of Tennessee and led the Volunteers to win the SEC championship in 1997.  If you have been in Nashville for any amount of time you can tell that a lot of the city of Nashville bleeds Orange during college football season and thus Peyton Manning is very near and dear to the hearts of UT Fans.  I ran across this shirt online and thought it was dope.  More about Peyton, Superbowl 50, and Project 615 who made the tee…

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