Lovenoise Host GZA at City Winery + Conscious Convo & Clerisy Circle Host Election Watch Party

Last week, Election Tuesday dramatic conclusion of the 2016 Presidential boxing, er election.  This year, including the election debates, has been emotional, shocking, year, with the tone of one of the ugliest elections I think I’ll ever witness looming over our heads.  I was stricken with anxiety over the pending results of the election.

Luckily beautiful fashion blogger  Melissa Watkins Editor of  Fab Glance graciously invited me to collaborate with her on the ticket giveaway to the GZA concert at City Winery.  YES!  I am not the biggest Wu-Tang Fan, BUT I know and respect the legend MCs, GZA being one.  Luckily enough he performed quite a few Wu-Tang hits, so I was able to bob my head rap along.

The sponsors of the Election Watch Party event are some of my favorite organizations, Lovenoise (Eric Holt), Conscious Convo (Isaac Addae), Clerisy Circle (Carolyn Griffin), and their guests, were mingling in a lounge area directly upstairs from the City Winery performance hall.  It was a good time socializing with other community voters who came out to the watch party and too were anxious about the election results.

I asked the bartender for a white wine that wasn’t too sweet or dry and he suggested and I highly recommend the “615.”

So I had the creative idea to take the videos of songs GZA performed and use the song titles to describe my thoughts and opinions on the results of the presidential election.  Please Note *These are my thoughts and views alone and do not express those of the sponsors of the event*

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