Blogging the Ballet Ball 2017 Part One // The Rehearsal

The journey to figuring out my passion has been tough to initiate at times but looking back, it is so clear.  Of all the activities I attend/cover, they usually fall under the music and arts areas of the lifestyle category so when I received the invitation to attend the 2017 Ballet Ball I was more than thrilled.  Look over my blog — its main music, some rants, some developments, some people, but all somewhat centered around the music.  So combine the iconic Fisk Jubilee Singer in a performance with the Nashville Ballet, plus performances by Emmy/Grammy/Dove award winning (and super charming) artist Shannon Sanders and rock blues duo Muddy Magnolias.  I knew this was something special.  I love to get dolled for an event with a cause.  I believe in the music and the arts — the Nashville Ballet and the National Museum of African American music. It was almost like the Universe was giving me confirmation that I’m on the right path.  (Later I learned I was recommended by the National Museum of African American Music from my work on my blog and brand YUP. Opportunity. Straight like that. More about that later.).


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Affordable Housing Provider Celebrates Ribbon Cutting of Arts-Inspired Community

In an effort to highlight the growth of my hometown Nashville, I’ve got the details on the latest affordable housing development to hit the market in Nashville.  On historic Clarksville Highway (which has the potential to be a main vein to the city similar to Broadway),  Urban Housing solutions erected property specifically designated to be affordable housing, supporting entrepreneurs like myself who are earn income from their art, but not enough to afford the rising prices of rental properties and home ownership in the Nashville metropolitan area.  This is important because living in the city provides Creatives with access and resources to continue to create – business meetings, partners, workshops, even the Nashville Public library are easily accessible from 26th and Clarksville. Creatives depend on affordable housing to support them in the growing stage of their small business where income is for lack of better terms sparse.

Trust me I know.

Without this development, Creatives and other residents who depend on the metro area for business and work would have to seek housing OUTSIDE of the metro Nashville area.  This development is all about supporting Creation and not the financial restraints of being Creative.

Read on to learn more about how to qualify and apply for residence.

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