Where to View the Nashville Fireworks if you Don’t want to go Downtown

Nashville boasts one of the largest fireworks shows in the south.  Full disclosure, I’ve only actually been downtown to watch the fireworks once, but there are several places around the city of Nashville that us natives go to view the fireworks without getting caught in [as much] traffic…

I’ll list locations from nearest to downtown to the furthest from downtown that are popular among Nashville natives. Please note — some of these spots MAY CHARGE A FEE, or MAY REQUIRE YOU TO ILLEGALLY PARK OR PARK UNSAFELY.   Nashvillesocialbutterfly.com is not responsible or liable for the information given in this post.  I don’t want anyone to get hurt this holiday season.  If you have not noticed, Nashville sits in a basin (think “The Gulch”). So, the best places to observe the fireworks are from higher elevations.  Once you are looking at the skyline,  you will be looking around “the Batman building” area to see the fireworks.  The most difficult part about the Nashville fireworks show is the traffic (sound familiar).  In this blog post, I will provide you with a few more options to view the fireworks without having to travel into the abyss of traffic.

Adventure Science Museum

File Jun 30, 10 20 17 PM
View from my car from Adventure Science Museum.

The Adventure Science Museum sits on a hill off of 8th Ave South and is located right beside the Old Sounds Stadium.   I understand the Adventure Science Museum now charges a fee to view the fireworks from this location;please see their website for additional information.  I’ve viewed the fireworks here once and enjoyed a great view, however, be sure to bring your bug spray.

Fern Street Bridge

File Jun 30, 10 21 04 PM

This location is in North Nashville and is a small overpass that is known to be one of the best views of downtown Nashville and the fireworks as well.  The Fern Avenue bridge lies in North Nashville, off of Brick Church Pike.   It’s a short bridge, so it fills up quickly with viewers so if you want to view the fireworks here, get here early.

Skyline Medical Center

File Jun 30, 10 20 34 PM


I viewed the fireworks from here a few years back.  You can see the fireworks from the parking lot, but they are pretty small from this distance.  You will look over the interstate, over the greenery, into the distance to see the fireworks.  However, because the location is centralized and convenient, a crowd often is gathered there.

Other places to view the fireworks (not pictured):

East Park – Off of Woodland Street.  I have been told that folks gather at East Park and Community Center, and bring their lawn chairs for a great seat to the Nashville Fireworks Show.

South Clarksville Highway – at the top of Clarksville Highway a little bit up from the light at Clarksville Highway and Trinity Lane.  In my opinion,  this section of Clarksville highway has one the nicest views of the Nashville skyline and provides a vantage point to view the Nashville Fireworks Show.

South Ellington Parkway – From Cleveland Street to downtown  you will notice that Nashville residents and visitors will pull off of Ellington Parkway for a good view of the Nashville Fireworks Show.

I 40 E From North 1st Exit to Shelby Street Exit – Firework observers also pull off the interstate to get a good view of the Nashville’s own “Rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air.”

Lovers Lane (off West End) – Be careful going up to this location; I’ve heard all sorts of illegal and uncomfortable things happen on Lovers Lane.  Nevertheless,  Lovers Lane has a beautiful view of the Nashville skyline and is a spot to view the Nashville Fireworks show.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday!

Karla is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University which a degree in Sociology, and is currently pursuing a MBA at Bethel University. She is a Nashville Native and Lifestyle Blogger; a Free Spirit, and a Music Lover. To subscribe to her monthly newsletter click here.  She can be reached via email: karla@nashvillesocialbutterfly.com

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