TSU HomeComing 2017 — What’s New in Nashville

Welcoming all the TSU Homecoming guest for 2017 to Nashville.  I know when you come to the city you always remark about how much Nashville has grown.  Here are a few updates, in particular, to help you navigate New Nashville as it continues to morph and grow.  Who knows, you might come back a little sooner for a visit.

Because TSU lies off of historic Jefferson Street in North Nashville and is home to the Gentry Center (location of the concert and the step show), Kean Hall (location of the pep rally), and Hale Stadium (the Hole) I’ll update you as to what’s new on that NORF side of town.
If you are on the opposite end of Jefferson Street, on the corner of Rosa Parks is the new Tennessee State Museum.  They started building the $25 million dollar facility in April of this year and it is slated to open late 2018.  Tennessee State Museum artifacts like are currently housed War Memorial building.   With this new location space and opportunity is set to quadruple in size.
The Lab opened in September 207 and is new co-working location (think coffee shop with wi-fi and meeting room access) that is off of Jefferson Street, connected to Music City Cleaners.  So if you need to stop during the homecoming festivities and make sure you sent off that presentation or need a few solid hours to answer some emails The Lab is right in the middle of all the action so you can quickly turn off your turn up, plug in, get shit done, and then get back to the turn up.
1821 Jefferson Street is an upscale apartment community that sprang up on Jefferson Street in the fall of last year.  This project by developer DJ Wootsen offers newly constructed 1 and 2 bedroom apartments right in the heart of North Nashville.  1821 is accessible to Meharry, Fisk, as well as the bus line to downtown is only minutes away.  If you decide you want to stay a little longer than the week, check with TYRE for apartment availability.
Slim and Husky opened its doors and has wowed not only Nashville but the world by revitalizing the Buchannan Street area with its laid-back 90s hip-hop vibe, and frankly some of the best pizza I’ve ever tasted. The Slim size pizza is for one person and the Husky size pizza which is, in my opinion, is the best value.  The Husky size is large enough to get you full for now and then snack leftovers on your way to the next event.  You know you gonna need that bread on your stomach.
The trio restauranteurs of Slim and Husky aren’t stopping and are opening their next venture “The Rollout” which is their dessert line offering flavorful cinnamon rolls.  Look for them next year TSU Homecoming 2018 for a sweet treat.
Nashville is now home to a TopGolf located right off Jefferson street on Cowan.  It recently opened in September and will be the home of the Best Damn Happy Hour, the BO Day Party.   If you not feeling like partying, you can always grab your all roommates or your line family and have a good time at TopGolf and not have to be too far from the mix.
Finally, if you’d like to try a really good steak while you are in town, I’d like to personally recommend Jeff Ruby which is located right off Rosa Parks on 4th ave.  It’s a real swanky steak and sushi restaurant with a piano bar and a huge brown liquor (bourbon, whiskey, and scotch) and cigar selection.  Check out my blog post review HERE.
I’ve only patronized Back Corner and that was briefly, but to my knowledge, these are some of the new bars in Germantown/Jefferson Street Rosa Parks areas that remind you that Nashville is really stepping up its nightlife.  Check websites for hours and details.
I know how folks love a New and Fly Rooftop Bars, so here are the hottest ones, convenient to downtown Nashville.  If you want to show off Nashville’s ever-changing skyline from try having a drink and enjoying the view from one of these rooftop bars:
 You want to dip off from the tailgate and have one on one cocktail?  Just over the walking bridge is a new bar right off the walking bridge called FGL.
If you want two consistent favorites without having to dress up or spend an obnoxious amount of money my go to’s are of course Garden Brunch Cafe (Friday – Sunday) on Jefferson Street or Germantown Pub at Rosa Parks and Monroe.  Can’t go wrong, get some good food on your stomach, sit down restaurants in proximity to TSU.
There is also a good burger spot called Jack Brown in Germantown.  It’s really good.  They have this aioli sauce that’s so good.  I frequent the north Nashville area and have often found myself stopping there from time to time to satisfy my burger craving.  Yes Goodness!
And that’s just a few things I can think of in NORTH NASHVILLE.  Nashville is really growing all over.
What are other major changes happening in North Nashville since last year?
Karla (KB) Burnett is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Life. She loves coffee and donuts.  She is a Nashville Native and Lifestyle Blogger; a Free Spirit, and a Music Lover. Be sure to follow her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.
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