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Byron represents the millenial believer.  In conjunction with Sunday’s event, Byron and I sat and discussed his singing career, and his views on religions and society.  I really enjoyed chatting with him and it is important that every person that is featured on NSB is someone I thoroughly endorse and support.

 Read on for the interview!

 Not trapped by religiosity or bound pharsical thought (meaning the law).  Byron’s  a big advocate for mental health (versus just praying about it).  He commented, about his experience growing up in the church….”ya know, the church can be a great place to learn to perform for the Lord, but it never taught me how to live.”  The turning point for him was when he realized how much power was found not in just our prayer, but in also our action:  “we spend quite a bit of time praying for the mountain to move, but I can actively go to the mountain directly and tell it to move and start moving it.  

And it HAS to submit and move.   Now if that don’t make you shout.

Raised by a single father, Byron joined hFirst Baptist South Inglewood’s church choir at the young age of 6.  Through the mentoring and encouragement of his church choir directors Everett Drake, Edward Jenkins, and Ricky Jarrett, Byron’s parents enrolled him in several arts programs that allowed him to work with and be trained by Margret Campbell-Holman and William Crimm.  Byron is a Nashville Native and a graduate of Nashville School of the Arts He holds a Bachelors of Science in Music from Tennessee State University. Being classically trained, Byron is known for his deep soulful sound — that I can attest to! Byron has been able to develop a powerful sound that transcends generation. As a musician, Byron has worked with such company as but not limited to Nashville Opera, Nate Bean, Marcus Hummon and many others.

In the fall of 2016,  Byron released his debut project: Millennial Faith.  His favorite song from the album is “I Still Believe.”  It’s his favorite because that song holds the strongest sentiment of his heart.

Byron realized his purpose was to spread a message of hope. He does that with his album as it has five distinct messages: God will protect you, God can change your situation, Believers are still prevalent, We can be enlightened, Love is the lifting factor — love lifted me.

The album took approximately three to months to complete the album, partnering  Mines Music Groups’, Darius Mines as his long-time Music Director (same production team as my other favorite Nashville artist, Tye Maurice).  In Byron’s words, the most difficult part of the campaign is identifying the best way to showcase his versatility.  It took Darius to consolidate his options into the five- song EP product.

It makes me sense because Byron’s inspirations include Walter and Edwin Hawkins, Janice Joplin, Donnie Hathaway, Mavis Staples, Darryl Coley, and Donnie McClurkin.  He describes his style as sacred soul/gospel.

For the #goodvibesonly performance, Byron is going to give you a lot of soul performing two songs   One of the things that make me diverse is that I’m a bit more gritty, raspy soulful sound.  I think the crowd is going to enjoy my sound and my relatable energy.

You can find out more about Byron Harvey at, or on his social media platforms.

Click the image for album cover image for purchase information.

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