Spreadluv Event: 1996 R&B and Hip Hop Tribute

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I can’t tell you how excited I am to be writing about, and attending, the next Spreadluv Tribute!  The event is happening on Thursday, February 18, at 7:00pm at the Basement East.  This tribute is featuring the music of the 1996 era (hence The Notorious B.I.G. as the face of the flyer) performed by Nashville’s own Michael Hicks and the Funk Puncs  (which is actually short for Funktional Publication – dope!).  Spreadluv touts its tagline as “we don’t do this for the money, we do it for the culture,” and I believe them.  The series of “Tributes” have been exciting  and I’m sure it will be an awesome event because of three elements:  the cause (benefiting the National Museum of African American Music, whom are breaking ground on their new building in downtown Nashville this year),  the music selection has always been the hits that I know and love, and the performances both instrumentally and vocally have NEVER disappointed.  Have you ever heard someone cover one of your favorite performers songs and they don’t quite sing it right?  Well, you WON’T see this with this event. You see this is the 4th “Tribute” show that Spreadluv has sponsored, and I’ve been rocking with the “Tribute” events since 2014. I’ll take you through the build….

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It started with rumblings around the performance mill of a local band covering my favorite Hip Hop Group’s music – Outkast.   I think this might have been a spinoff  of the age-old conversation “when is Outkast going to drop an album together?   Eventually this conversation turned into “at this point I would pay to hear another artist and live band perform Outkast’s music live.”  That’s how dope this artist is to a lot of fans and hip hop artists to this day.  I went on a tangent.  So, this flyer dropped on social media and I was ecstatic.  It also was the year of the Outkast At Last 20 year tribute in Atlanta, so this made the event even more special.  All I can say is you had to be there, that night was epic, and it was the start of something positive and good.  Real good.  The band, the performers, and the spoken word artists all executed some of the classic Outkast hits with tonal precision of all the ad libs and background lyrics.  It was awesome and we (anyone who attended) left ready for the next Tribute.

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Next the Kanye West Tribute dropped.  I purchased tickets and had every intention of attending, but I had to travel last minute so I gave my tickets to a friend of mine.  They thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Kanye West is another one of my favorite Hip Hop artists and I like the broad span of instruments that Kanye uses from 808s to strings, so I was excited to hear that (not that I had any doubt) Mike and the Funk Puncs were able to bring College Dropout, etc.  to life.   I really wanted to hear all those instruments live.  I heard it was a memorable experience and I hate I missed it.

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Spreadluv then hit us with an Erykah Badu event at 3rd and Lindsley.  It was a soulful night and I think most of the ladies sang along with the performers, making their job of performance that much easier.  We were all so very engaged  in a neo soul evening, and enjoyed an awesome night,  once again, of energy and covers for which the original artist would be proud.


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Missy was the last of the Tributes and it definitely was not the least.  I was not able to attend this event, but I am sure that Mike Hicks and the Funk Puncs made sure to add the creative element of Missy’s sound and experience to their performance.    Again, the other two tributes I attended were nothing short of awesome so I don’t doubt the success of this event either.


The build of the brand and the reputation of the events is one that I wanted to really elaborate on with a thorough post to my readers. I’m proud to be a ticketholder to such an exciting movement and cause, and not to mention live music in Music City.  With their level of consistency I know the audience will be in for a great time.    Have any of you attended a Spreadluv Tribute?  Did you enjoy yourself?  Let me know in the comments.  Hope to see you there!

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