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The goal of this blog is to connect the Nashville community with its up and coming pillars of the community; they are the faces of #NewNashville. would be remiss without having the site blessed by Nashville Native – and I’m proclaiming him – Performing Arts Ambassador Rashad “Tha Poet.”  I say performing arts because he’s multi talented in the arts of acting, spoken word, and rap.  He’s being spitting poetry and flow on the mic since my high school years (think late 90s) and his latest project “Soulville”launched May 11.   I attended the listening party for Soulville at the Art History Lounge on Jefferson Street and am bringing the experience to

About the album “Soulville”:

I’m really digging “Soulville” as RTP captured the soul of Nashville with his creative flow.  With Nashville nestled in the center of the bible belt, and a church on every corner, I’m sure I know where RTP found Nashville’s soul.  It’s on the stained glass in Fisk Chapel, the bleachers in “The Hole;” it’s on Historical Jefferson Street, and on the cobblestone streets of Printers Alley;  Nashville’s soul is inside BB King’s, its “out East” on  Cahal and Lischey, and all around town.   There is plenty of soul to be found in Nashville.

My favorite song is track 2. “Tha Yeahs.”   It’s has a smooth neo-soul sound and reminds me of a nice two step groove.   Check out the album below and don’t forget to hit the “buy button:

Screenshot_2016-01-19-22-04-42-1 (1) IMG_20160415_101651 (1) Rashad (42 of 54) (1)

“Life without writing isnt living. I spit to live, tell the stories that we all give. Speak for the voiceless those sheltered and alone… I spit Truth.” -RTP

Learn more about Rasha “thaPoet” at

or connect with him via his Facebook  Fan Page Rashad “thaPoet”

About the venue Art History Class Lifestyle Lounge and Gallery:

RTP could not have chosen a better venue to  introduce us to “Soulville”.  When I walked inside the Art History Class Lifestyle Lounge and Gallery, I immediately felt like I had stepped back into time to my Big Momma’s old house with the antique feel.  On the outside you would think you are at the wrong the place because it is an original Jefferson street home that is outdated and seemingly abandoned.   Inside its walls it is a gem; a dynamic building that captures the essence of historical Jefferson Street. It’s owner and curator Thaxton Waters has done a great job of restoring the building, yet maintaining the original structure, look and feel.   The decor inside is comfortable with a chairs, stools, couches among the antique records, buttons, pins, and do dads of artifacts.  Albums, video tapes, and remnants of the past are on the shelves and I spent quite a bit of time perusing the history and really allowing myself to experience my surroundings.


File May 13, 8 00 07 AM (1)

(Art Credit to Christina Wiggins,  IG: wiggins_christina)

I took this picture as an example of the art inside the Art History Class Lounge and Gallery but it only captures a piece of the room.  The location and its contents are really just that –  a work of Art, a part of History, a Class(room) to learn, a Lounge (hello wi-fi) to relax, and a Gallery to showcase.  All those elements make this location so rich in energy.

People were mingling about, connecting , talking and laughing.  While I sat in the corner and observed it all. To meaningful music.  In a house on Jefferson Street. “Soulville” is the soundtrack; get your incense and vibe on like I did.

I cannot capture all my thoughts about the Art History Lounge or RTP on this blog post, so a follow-up post is warranted for a deeper exploration.

Read more about the Art History Class Lounge at his Facebook Page: Art History Class Lounge or read Thaxton Waters’s piece in the Nashville Arts Magazine Online here.

I started this blog as a platform to discover my passion.  I find it inspiring and motivating to observe and work with other people who have clearly found their passion and are thriving in it.  Be sure to check out two passionate parts of Nashville – Soulville and  the Art History Class Lounge and discover more about where we are going with the soul of #NewNashville!

KB The Nashville Social Butterfly

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