Slim and Husky Pizza and Beeria // YoThe Bathrooms are Dope

Yes I could have included the restrooms in the previous Slim and Husky post but the bathrooms were so fly, they needed their own post.  Check out pictures of the art inside the ladies restroom.  Two words.  Mind. Blown.

Signage on the doors to the restrooms paid homage to “A Different World” with shadow pictures of “Dwayne and Whitley”









On the back side of the door:










Turning to my right there was art displaying women hip hop icons:








House Party Dance Battle









Miss Lauren Hill



















Janet (Miss Jackson if ya nasty) Jackson

“If we were made in his image, then call us by our name”








Erykah Badu


And on the left walls above the sink — Quotes celebrating the black woman.  How many can you name?














They say the devil is in the details.   Well this looks like a celebration and tribute to the goddesses of hip hop.  Taking the Queen on the throne to a whole new level!

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