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The year was 1996 and I was a high schooler rapping along with Eight Ball, MJG, Mystikal, Project Pat, Juvenile, who we now call the Legends of Southern Hip Hop.  Now — truth be told, I don’t fool with the Municipal Auditorium.  Call me fancy, call me whatever you like, but if I’m going to a concert I like feeling like I’m getting out and not going to my high school gym.  BUT being the connoisseur of Southern Hip Hop that I am – I accepted tickets to this year’s Legends of Southern Hip Hop concert.  Thanks to Lovenoise for the sponsorship! Click More to get the really real about the Southern Legends of Hip Hop Concert Part 2.

I went to the concert last year and last year I knew I was too mature for the crowd, but the nostalgic memories of “Space Age Pimpin” kept calling me.  A concert with the hip hop crowd at the Municipal Auditorium is one of those things that is probably better in theory than in reality.  The auditorium was about half full. Local Nashville was in full effect.  “Security” was extremely lax (I think last year I may or may not have been able to walk inside with my beverage in my other hand).  Yep, one of those concerts.

The show was scheduled to begin at 8 pm and I promptly arrived at 930 pm, because this isn’t my first Municipal Auditorium show.  Unfortunately, I missed Bun B (#rippimpc) and Project P at (yeah, they really did win an Academy Award).  When I arrived, Mystikal was on the stage strutting back and forth to the beat of “Danger.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but whenever I attend a concert, I like to see if I can tell how an artist is living/aging.  Now granted because I don’t really know the artist, I am sure my perspective is very peripheral and I may even be reaching.  But it also a fun, harmless way to imagine how an artist’s life may be playing out in their physical appearance.  You always wonder if they are truly living the baller lifestyle, or maybe match up a celebrity tabloid to an artist stage demeanor (For example at the Kanye West Concert, I heard him rant about Taylor Swift after the tabloids reported the rift in their friendship).  You know what I mean — we all noticed when Dave Chapelle popped up out the blue all swole and buff.  We can tell when LL Cool J has had some work done his face when we see him at the awards show.  Don’t act like its just me.   It’s my way to see if they are thriving and taking care of themselves, f they are just ‘out here eating BS, food, doing drugs, and rap to support their habit(s).  Here’s my healthcare report for all the artists:


Mystikal was looking tall and fine.  You could tell he takes care of himself, gets in the gyms, and probably has a trainer.


Scarface gets the MVP for appearing to take the best care of himself.  If you remember, Scarface back in the 90s he was overweight. Ok Cool.  That’s Scarface.  Then we lost Big Pun from health related issues. Scarface knew he has to make a change “I was at stroke level,” admitted the Houston MC. “I had it all: congestive heart failure, malignant high blood pressure, kidney damage, enlarged heart, sleep apnea, borderline diabetic, etc.  My life was threatened.  So if someone in the street threatens my life, he better make good on it. Because I have to kill him or he’s going to kill me. So I had to kill bad health. ”  This was in 2015.

I can report that to this day in 2017  “Face” was looking svelte, slim and trim.  I didn’t even recognize him.  Scarface looks like he is juicing, drinking ALL the alkaline water, and may be a vegan (jokes).

Trick Daddy

Bae Bae Trick Daddy is eating good!  His height keeps him from rounding all the way out, but he for sure got a beer belly!  Last year he was in the tabloid with his foolishness from the “Eat A Booty” Gang (I really don’t know what’s going on with that, but you can read about it here).We all know Trick Daddy is a nasty Florida boy, but he seemed have calmed down a tiny bit. I haven’t heard about him in the celebrity gossip lately, so I’ll say that’s calm. Just a bit.  It was also great to see he has his son at the back of the stage to cheer him on.


Marlon Jermaine Goodwin is a taller guy and he has always been the build of a basketball player. Same

Eight Ball

Now there was a really nice part while performing Space Age Pimping and a guitarist and a guest singer for the female vocals came out. That was pretty cool.  We had some laughs and encore/standing ovation bout how ‘hard’ the beat drops on the first 4 seconds of Sho Nuff.


Same.  I didn’t make it to Back Ya A$$ Up because I just couldn’t take any more of the 2000s rap.


I didn’t make it to Back Ya A$$ Up because I just couldn’t take any more of the 2000s rap. As soon as I walked in the auditorium I had been fighting this feeling of maturity.  I tried to avoid it all night, but then Juvenile came out and all the years came flooding back to me.   I was starting to feel like it was great idea to listen to my old rap music at home, but when you are out in the elements with the crowd who is really about that life, it’s a whole different ball game.  I was ready to leave, and as much marijuana that was smoked in the crowd, I am sure that my clothes were high as well as my hair – high.  It’s been a blast having artists from the 2000s perform a Legends of Southern Hip Hop concert but it was time for the stroll down memory lane to end.
There was no shade intended to be directed at the Municipal Auditorium, or the crowd, but I do submit a challenge for more diverse hip-hop acts in Nashville, period.

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