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As the daughter, granddaughter, and niece of educators, I will always have a special place in my heart for teachers, and the Metro Nashville Public School System.   As a Nashville Native, I attended Goodlettsville Elementary, Brick Church Middle, Goodlettsville Middle School,  and graduated from Hunters Lane High School (shout out to the class of 2000!!).  Teaching is a thankless job, and I’m indebted to the teachers that poured into me, teaching me to love to read, to love to learn, and making me the woman I am.

With Nashvillsocialbutterfly.com, I want to bring you the best in real urban imagery, and after visiting Purpose Preparatory Academy I have a newfound hope for our youth and their ability to drive us into a positive and purposeful future.

When I first was introduced to Founder and Head of School Lagra Newman, my first question was “how the heck do you start a school? That’s so neat!”  My next step was to schedule a time to visit Lagra Ms. Newman and the school.   To my discovery, I learned that she has always had a passion for excellence and making a positive impact in the urban community, as she initially considered a career in Law.  As she was mentoring for a summer program, she noticed that quite a few of the middle school children, ages 10-12, were struggling with reading, writing, and other basic elementary educational skills.  She then decided that her talents were best served to create an environment with PURPOSE (Purpose, Respect, Integrity, Self-Determination, and Excellence).  Mentored and groomed via the Building Excellent Schools program, Lagra has observed and learned from some of the top charter schools in the nation and knows what it takes to build and sustain an engaging school, and I’m excited to share my experience.

Purpose Prep

I decided to observe the children getting off the bus and having breakfast before the morning meeting.  To my surprise, the children were greeting the teaching staff with handshakes and salutations, as well as eye contact and clean presentation as they entered the building:











In today’s world, where you only get one chance to make a first impression, I was impressed and excited to see such emphasis put on setting the tone for your day – chin up, eyes front; its time to enter Purpose Prep.

As Lagra escorted me to the cafeteria where morning meeting would be conducted, it was…surprisingly…quiet…check the video below:



However, what I found was that even noise has a purpose at Purpose Prep.  See the next video where Headmaster and Founder Lagra Newman starts off the morning meeting with high energy as the children go through a series of coordinated hand claps:



And finally because it was College Day at Purpose Prep, each class got to perform its class “college” cheer:


If you want to continue through “A Purpose Prep Day” click here.

Lagra is so beautiful to the eyes too, and if you follow her on social media, she’s an avid world traveler, and I feel like I’m in every country with her.  I love what she is building in Purpose Prep, and she’s living her life to the fullest.  I’m so proud of all her hard work and to have her on the blog.  I truly had a great time visiting Purpose Prep and meeting some children that are ready to not only learn, but to live with Purpose.

If you want to learn more about Purpose Prep, including their high ranking results, be sure the click the link here to visit their school website.


Karla is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree minor in Sociology and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration from Bethel University.  She is a Nashville Native and Lifestyle Blogger; a Free Spirit, and a Music Lover. If you need a Creative Consultant for your events, ask me how! To subscribe to her monthly newsletter click here.  She recently ran away from Corporate America.  If you want to talk to her about that, you can email: karla@nashvillesocialbutterfly.com

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