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Carjie Scott is a a Nashville small business owner and her product is Clean Bath – all natural and homemade bath and spa products.  Clean Bath was born out the need to address personal skin challenges.  As genetics would have it, her cutie pie daughter inherited her complicated skin.  All natural, homemade products seemed to be the only thing that worked for her and her daughter, so now Clean Bath products are produced as a labor of love.  On Clean Bath’s blog Carjie wrote: “I want her [daughter] to know that she is beautiful in her own skin and Mommy loves her so much that she will hand make her lotions, face wash and hair oils with the freshest ingredients.”

Carjie gave me the Lavender Bath Bomb and Lavender Body Butter.  I’m the girl who loves toiletries (and hair products, and stationary….don’t judge me) and I love a nice smelling lotion or body spray or body wash, whew!  I have to force myself not to overspend at the drug store so I was excited to try the product.  In addition I understand and admire small business owners/entrepreneurs and the courage to create, in their own expressions.

I unwrapped the Lavender Bath Bomb from its simple clear cellophane plastic.  The tablet smelled faintly of lavender oil and there are bits of lavender leaves in the tablet which also contribute to the lavender scent.

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I dropped the tablet into the bath water and it dissolved completely in about a minute:


The water turned a gentle periwinkle/purple color and was noticeably softer.  Lavender is known for its soothing and calming qualities so I relaxed in the bath and enjoyed the lavender spa experience.  Post bath, my skin was soft, moist, and lightly scented.  When used in combination with the Lavender Whipped Body Butter (and a glass of wine) you are for quite a relaxing treat.

The Lavender Whipped Body Butter is packaged in a short 8oz mason jar style jar.  The base is raw shea butter which is whipped until it is light and fluffy.The product left my skin feeling moisturized with a light coating of oil on top.  I don’t know about you all, but especially during the winter months,  and with Nashville’s limestone water, sometimes lotion alone just doesn’t do the trick.  If you ever add oil to your lotions or use oil and lotion together to moisturize your skin, then I know you can relate.  The whipped body butter does just that as it moisturizes and leaves a thin layer of oil (which is also the nature of raw shea butter itself).  I can even envision using it after laying out in the sun to soothe my skin.

Clean Bath boasts all natural ingredients, ethical sourcing of its raw materials, home-made formulation and process,  and packaging (the mason jar) that is environmentally friendly.  She also runs a promotion that if you return your mason jar, you can get $1 off your next purchase.  Top to bottom, Clean Bath is a product you can feel good about.

So many products are on the market with ingredients that we can not pronounce; with small businesses, we the consumers have a choice in how we spend our money and how our products are created.  I admire small business ability to create their own rules and standards.  Shop with Carjie at Clean Bath today!

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