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A second goal of the blog is to bridge the gap between #NewNashville, and its community, residents, and visitors.  Being a southern state and a growing “it” city, it would be remiss if Nashvillesocialbutterfly did not address the current political environment.  

I will admit I personally have been a bit turned off from this year’s Presidential election.  It seems to be [still] so overshadowed by the Donald Trump storyline, that it has made the presidential election look like a joke or mockery.  

I decided to speak with one of my old colleagues and friends that is involved in the political and public relations to just get a brief overview and “catch me up.”  We connected via email and I asked him a few questions.  Here now is the final conversation and my first “interview”  featuring my good friend John Little.  Read what I asked, hear what he has to say, and then do your research and formulate your own opinion. 

Here’s our conversation. I call it “Political Moment with John Little”

Q.  So John, what are the next big dates for voting, both local and nationally?

A. “Nationally there is a span of two weeks between March 12th – March 22 (now) where 12 key states will vote or caucus for their choice in the Presidential campaign. These states are key in the sense that their timing gives a glimpse of what could be actual Presidential elections outcomes.

March 31st is the Republican debate

Although the debates start off with general questions, it does take a shift depending on what questions the general public is asking.  

So far on the Republican side, the issues have been immigration, guns and anti Obama.  

The Democratic side has been focused on social issues mainly around post Obama legislative victories, Healthcare, gun reform, and education.

Currently on the Democratic side there are two major candidates.  The primary officially ends in August, but usually a candidate drops out when they see their momentum slowing down.  In the last month several candidates on the Republican side have dropped out (Jeb Bush, Ben Carson , Chris Christie, Rick Santorum).  

As far as key dates for the fall, right now there are 3 general election Presidential debates lined up in September and October.  There will also be one Vice -Presidential debate in October as well.  

Locally, the city of Nashville is onward to our August primary elections.  There will be a host of races that range from local races like school board, state races like state representative and federal primaries for congress. Out of nine members on the school board this year there are five school board members up for re-election.  August 4th will be the Election Day.  This election cycle is really important since they’re in the process of selecting the new superintendent of schools for Nashville.  This is an important issue since people decide to stay in the city based on how well the school system is performing in the their community.  


Q.  I haven’t done the best job of keeping up with the debates.  What, in your opinion, are each democratic presidential candidates’ pros and cons?

A. “Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are two good candidates and either one of them will make a great nominee and hopefully leader of the free world.   Hillary’s strengths are her diplomacy and experience.  She has been a first lady alongside Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas and most memorably president of the United States.  Although her time as US Senator was short lived as she accepted President Obama’s appointment as the Secretary of State.

Me personally, those experiences are important, but now in America we don’t need the generic, safe and status quo candidate.  We need a president of America who will make sure we live in a world that is not ridiculed by racism and bigotry.  We deserve a president that will make sure that we allocate more money in our schools than war.  I want to see a president that represents everyone in America; Black, brown, green and yellow.  I truly think that candidate is current US Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders.  If you look at his support in Tennessee and across the country his support is a reflection of diversity and inclusion.  #FeeltheBern”


Q.  What is the overall pulse of this years’ election?

A. “The pulse in this year’s election feels exciting, but weird and scary.  Three years ago I would sit in my living room glued to a reality TV show.  The culmination of the show after yelling, fighting and tears was Donald Trump saying “You’re Fired”.  Since it was a reality show and for charity I shamelessly enjoyed the comedic relief.  This years’ Presidential is weird and scary because Donald Trump now has a legitimate chance of winning the Republican nomination. I believe in the near future the tide will change and Trump will be back hosting his reality show and a moderate Republican like Rubio will emerge and compete with the Democratic nominee in November.”


Q. Seriously though, how likely is it that Trump could be president?

A. “I seriously think it is likely that Donald “Mr. You’re Fired” Trump will win the Republican nomination.  As far as  him winning the presidency I find it highly unlikely.  Strong Republicans like Mitt Romney, Tom Delay and Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam have all been vocal about their displeasure to have Mr. You’re Fired leading the free nation. If I am totally off about my prediction please believe I will be utilizing my passport for safe haven in Jamaica!”

Q. Lastly John, on a personal note, what artists or songs are you currently listening to?

A. The Weekend – Beauty Behind the Madness

Q.  And finally, what’s your favorite part about #NewNashville?

A. The progressive diversity is my favorite part about the new Nashville.

Growing with John Little, Grow with me, Grow with Nashville!

I appreciate John for helping me navigate the current political environment, and for answering my questions.  I asked John Little because he is currently the managing director of Strategy Redefined, a firm uniquely specialized in the realm of education, politics and public relations. John is also a Nashville native, and a proud graduate of Tennessee State University where he specialized in Business Administration and Marketing.   More importantly, as he lives The life of a man on a mission, John spends his free time hanging out with his son, reading and playing basketball.  Friend him at Facebook or follow him on Twitter at @Politico_Little.  

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