Pablo is Petty – Kanye West Performs The Saint Pablo Tour in Nashville

Kanye is a misunderstood creative genius and I love his vision.  Although his execution and communication may be a bit misguided, I truly believe his intent is in the right place.

On Saturday night at Bridgestone Arena, Kanye West, from the shadows of a dimly lit floating stage, gave us a great show of hits from “Late Registration”, “Yeezus”, and his latest album and tour “The Life of Pablo”.  The show started at 8pm and Pablo hit the stage around 9:20 to the tunes of Father Stretch My Hands.  The Life of Pablo which I will refer to as “TLOP” is one of my favorite albums by Kanye West.   In this post I’ll review the pettiest moments of Kanye West in Nashville.  

While this blog post is not about the samples for which Kanye West is King,  I’ve enclosed a “The Life of Pablo Samples Guide” which I found helpful in doing research for this blog post – check out “A Guide to the Samples of TLOP” for all my music heads out there.

There’s not much information online about Kanye’s floating stage concept or design except that, although minimalistic and reclusive, achieves the wild freedom Ye’s music inspires.

After FSMH followed Pt.2 Kanye then gets the crowd hype for Pt.2 and telling us “Nashville is the livest crowd.”  He also announces that Tyler the Creator was in the audience :

And of course the video clip of all King Kanye Petty.  Here he has the crowd repeat the lyrics, three times over actually, referencing Taylor Swift in Famous (Excuse the sideways video. I wanted to capture the mosh pit.  I straighten up my phone in a few seconds):




Kanye rocking the crowd to “Waves” check out the mosh pit:


Lastly – Kanye had his choice words for the people who were “unfriendly” to him in regards to his New York Fashion Show production  a few weeks ago (click here if you missed that):



Other Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour Nashville Quotables:

“I am the greatest artist living, Steve Jobs is gone, Disney is gone y’all.

“I am the Tupac of apparel”
“I might be dead if it wasn’t for Adidas
Kanye performed from a stage that literally dangled the legendary artist, musician, and father of two above fans who recited every lyric and tussled amongst themselves.  Although I do “miss the old Kanye” I enjoyed the energy Kanye West put into TLOP and The Saint Pablo Tour.  It’s a combination of old Kanye and new soul searching Kanye.

I am so glad I was able to see Kanye West perform some of his favorite songs and be his normal off the cuff emotional self.  What was your favorite part of the concert?  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! It would mean a lot to me if you’d like my story and share it with others.

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