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Dismas House is an organization that I am connected to by one of my mentors.  I also am a huge supporter of social justice reform and I understand how the mass incarceration of black men particularly affect family units, lives, and the economy.  I began college as a business major and I really didn’t take to college until I took sociology courses (what up Dr. Hampton) and really started to understand the societal constructs around me.

I also believe that one tactic of improving black social injustice is by reuniting and supporting black men back into the community.  While I follow the efforts of Michelle Alexander, read the New Jim Crow, and have watched the Netflix documentary 13th, I feel action/activism is also important to support your ideas and thoughts.

Enter Dismas House.  Dismas House is an organization that provides transitional housing and services to help formerly incarcerated inmates transition back into society.  Think about it… if you are in prison, how do you know how to find a job, what skills are needed to acquire and sustain the job, or even somewhere stay while you are reestablishing your life? Although this program does not exclusively serve African American Men, I believe everyone deserves a second chance.

My main ask for this campaign is for your donation to Dismas House on Tuesday, November 29th for Giving Tuesday.  Go to to find out more about how your donation can help give a prison inmate the opportunity to earn a second chance.

Next up for Dismas House on we will hear from the CEO of Dismas House, Gerald Brown, about his passion for Dismas House and his project 2424 Charlotte Pike.

I am very excited to support this organization and 2016 Giving Tuesday and I hope you are as well!

Karla is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Sociology, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration from Bethel University. She is a Nashville Native and Lifestyle Blogger; a Free Spirit, and a Music Lover. To subscribe to her monthly newsletter click here.  She can be reached via email:

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