Belcout Theater and Jacksons Bar and Bistro

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Is it just me or do a lot of Nashvillians tend to frequent the restuarants and shops in the same area that they live?  If you live in Germantown (Downtown), you tend to stay in the Germantown area, or maybe the Gulch.  If you live in Melrose (South Nashville),  you tend to frequent the area, 12 South, Melrose, etc.  I noticed this about myself and made a mental note to make a conscious effort to venture “out” to the other sides of town.  This particular weekend I fell into Jacksons off of 21st ave for brunch.   The location just so happens to tie into a blog post that I started last year, about historic Belcourt Theater.

I have never been to visit Belcourt Theater but I have heard of it and am aware of its location in the 21st avenue area. Its a non profit “cultural institution presenting the best of independent, documentary, world, repertory and classic cinema.” It’s located in Hillsboro Village off of 21st. It’s not your typical movie theater, as its mainly shows independent films. For example, Spike Lee’s movie Chiraq was being shown at Belcourt theater prior to the theater closing for renovations.

Research about Belcourt theater leads informs that Belcourt theater served as the home of the Grand Old Opry from 1934 – 1936. It was a Carmike movie theater up until 1993. It closed its Carmike contract in 1999. Charles Hawkins purchased the theater on behalf of Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film (where he serves on the board). Who is Charles Hawkins (1932-2004)? He’s owner of the major real estate development company Chas Hawkins headquartered now in South Nashville in the Melrose area. In review of the Chas Hawkings website, this group seems to own quite a bit of stock in quite a bit of property in Nashville, for example the group donated $2M towards Vanderbilt’s new baseball field, Hawkins Field.

Anyway, enough of the heavy stuff.  I went for breakfast and to work on another project and as I walked up, the scent was irresistible.  It was all quite tasty and the staff was so very attentive and friendly.  They were even so kind as to repost my food pic from my page to their own page.  Thanks again guys for having me and showing an old local a great time.

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