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Let me kick off this post with a shout out to the Lyric Lane crew.  If you have ever been to a Lyric Lane Party – frequent the group, or are a former member of the group, much love!

Decarlos Askew CMO of Lyric Lane has an amazing ear for music.  He lives and breathes music, and that is the common thread that has supported our friendship.   He recently released an Indie Compilation album Nirvana which contains some of the BEST selections of Indie music that I easily just took to and I have the album in rotation to this day.  Needless to say, I have an enormous amount of respect for this man and his opinion as it pertains to musical artistry.


So now I have this budding blog platform, right?

He’s a fan and supporter of the blog and introduced an artist to meet me and asked me to consider interviewing him for the blog.  I didn’t hesitate and quickly made time because I know DeCarlos knows music.

My buddy Decarlos Askew introduced me to R&B artist Tye Maurice from Lexington, KY.  He said”in Nashville, there’s an oversaturation of country music, and when I heard the R&B singer in Nashville, and it was a truly a good sound my interest was piqued.

Tribe, when I listened to Tye Maurice’s Song Satellites. I was running up and down the hallway of my apartment screaming for joy be supporting such a dope song because I too LOVE MUSIC.  As this blog begins to take shape and I’m growing more and more I too have to filter out the Satellites and stay true to myself.

So Tribe – meet Tye Maurice.   And check out his song Satellites.

Tye Maurice on Soundcloud:

Tye Maurice on Facebook:

Tye Maurice on Instagram:

Here’s the synopisis of our interview below:

….. describes his musical style

To me, I feel like I’m more of a singer-songwriter than a RnB artist. I mean, everything that I write is a personal experience. I don’t try to fit into a box or have a particular sound.  [If I could describe my stylr] I would sat I have a mixture of RnB, gospel, a little county, a little of everything. I don’t feel like I have one particular sound; everything appeals to me for the most part, especially when it’s honest. Honestly I think that’s the main thing that’s unique about my sound. My Honesty. 

…on the inspiration for Satellites:

It’s like you’re dealing with all those voices, people telling you what to do;  that’s what the satellites are. Satellites are the people, those voices, orbiting around you right, and just to get away from it, I thought that song is like break-away so that I can find my own way, find my own path.

….on reactions to Satellites:

My mom, she texted me after she listened to this song and said, I know exactly what you’re talking about, now. So, so it’s not even just for like I don’t know, our appeals to people of different ages, which is a big deal to me.

Upcoming EP Waves: 

I think with the EP being called waves and the title of the song being called Waves, I think, whatever we’re looking for in life, I think for me, it is in the waves of life... Take life for being whatever you’re looking for it be…whatever you need,  I’m pretty sure it’s right there, standing in front of you. It’s just a matter of observance, a matter of being really aware of life as it’s happening. I think everything happening in life adds up. Whether it makes sense in a moment, somewhere down the line, it will add up and it will make sense, why you went through, what you went through, why you feel the way you feel, why you think the way you think, it’s all for a greater purpose. And it’s just the way I feel about my EP; it’s about life.

…Staying Relevant

My thoughts are for me, never to conform. I think that’s the biggest thing, if I am true to who I am, then I’m going to have my own path of views at the end of the day, anyway. That’s key for me. I am not selling out. I like my sounds. It took me, what? 30 years to like myself, soYes. So I am holding on to that. That’s going to be my key. My honesty and my sounds.



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