selected for sponsored Membership to Nashville Chamber of Commerce

Just in time for Small Business Saturday, I’d like to announce that I selected for a year sponsored membership to the Nashville Chamber of Commerce!

I’m legit yall!  I’ve met quite a few of the wonderful ladies that work for the Chamber and I would like to thank the team for recommended my membership.  I can not wait to forge relationships with this connected organization!

But to be honest, for a long time I was unclear of the Chamber of Commerce’s role in the Nashville community (and other communities around the country).  It’s ok — if you didn’t know either.  Click the link and I’ll put you on game.  

Let’s say you own a small medium business and you want to move your headquarters or open a second location to a different city.  You have options, but how do you know which city will provide the best living situation for your employees?

Enter the Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber of Commerce creates a report that I would call a city profile.  It tells you about the cost of living, average income, attractions in the city, and talent pool.  The Chamber of Commerce tells potential businesses about the college programs that are offered here as well as the tax breaks and incentives it can provide (government funded) that would encourage a business to select Nashville as its home.

Pretty cool, huh?

What does this mean for me?


The Chamber of Commerce provides a membership program where you can network with CEO and Upper Management of the major corporations of Nashville.  In addition to the network, reWritersare provided to help you grow and scale your business.  Partnerships and alliances can be made when you work with the source.

Decision makers and Check writers is what I call them, and they are the people with whom you want to connect with when building a reputable brand.

I have a lunch meeting with my sponsor next week, where I’ll pitch me, my product, and learn more about how I can engage with the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.  Wish me luck, and I’ll keep you posted as I continue to engage with the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

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