Co-Hosts Tye Maurice “Waves” Album Release Party


Hey everyone!   You may remember an artist I featured on the blog by the name of Tye Maurice.  His album is now ready to release and I’m proud to announce I’ll be Co-Hosting his All Black Album Release Party next Friday, January 27 at the Studio Nashville.

My Co-Host is Decarlos Askew Founder of Nirvana Now Music Management.  Decarlos is a true music head, specifically having a ear for indie music artists waiting to be discovered.  Another fun fact is that Decarlos produced an Indie compilation called “Nirvana” which turned two-years-old a few days ago.  This compilation is one of my favorites and really opened my eyes to how much good music has been hidden under the guise of indie (which could just be code for “not mainstream”).  Decarlos sourced artist from across the country for the right sound and nailed it.  After that amazing compilation of sounds, when Decarlos says, “hey Karla” check out this new artist…..I listen!

So for this event – I’m actually a paid host and will be onstage introducing guests and keeping the crowd warm and event flowing.  I look to connect with the crowd, the city of Nashville music lovers in the intimate space at the Studio Nashville.  It’s going to be a great time.

If you’d like to purchase tickets and attend the event to support me, Tye Maurice, as well as other Nashville music artists, you can purchase tickets for $10 online at

Tickets will also be sold at the door for $12.

I really, REALLY, hope to see you there!


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