Nashville Trainer: Mardae Weaver with Soular Fitness

Yall, this beautiful brown soul is a soft-spoken gentle giant and as we are both Nashville Natives, I’ve enjoyed watching him transition from a child to man and branding himself as the disciplined athlete and supportive trainer all around.  If your style is closer to nature, some introspective soul seeking, and a little bit of pushing the limits with your body and mind — than Mardae Weaver is your guy!

About Mardae Weaver:

A certified personal trainer/human enhancer who not only focuses on a beautiful physique that reflects hard work but how to safely push the human ability to excel normal fitness levels for athletes and non-athletes. As a Nashville native, Mardae has played football since the age of 6 through college. A healthy lifestyle was implemented at a very early age with nutrition and an environment to excel athletically. While becoming the best football player possible, many skills were acquired in order to remain competitive in the sport. A lot of different nontraditional workouts not only became a training tool but a hobby. These activities included hiking, cycling, swimming, kickboxing, Yoga, and more. Now all of these years of experience are available to anyone who dares to step out of the box of their own (normal).

What is your approach to personal training?

My approach to fitness and/or Personal Training is evolving the human race with the ability to excel in a phase of life. My goal is to optimize and push the physical capabilities [of my clients]to become better than what the current definition of what “normal” health is. This is why I implore my clients to generate the mental muscle that will result in the body functioning and optimum look to see exactly what the human limitations are with a little will power. This is what we call SOULAR POWER!

What is your guarantee?

I guarantee that if you will work and be SAFELY pushed and encouraged to extract the best physical efforts that you have ever done,  I guarantee that once you enter the SOULAR SYSTEM of training, you will understand that your enhanced physique is only a side effect of this medicine called health. Knowledge and application of a healthy lifestyle are the true remedy and will be the guaranteed method of holistic evolution and an awesome physique.

Do you have a timeline or a program?

I offer various programs for various interests of my clients.  I currently have 7 separate training systems or packets that target the goals and needs of the individual.  These include strength training, core training, plyometric training, distance running program, Olympic lifting program, Obstacle course racing training and meditative and subtle energy training.  All systems consist of a 101…202 and a 303 level the meet the different fitness levels from novice to professional athletes alike. All come with basic diet guidance for the particular program which differs from program to program and physical assessments as well as to monitor the progression of training.

Why are you a personal trainer?

I started personal training myself in my high school years and loved to learn what makes the body function. Mixed with my love to defy the odds, I found it a worthy challenge to help those who wished to have the health that I worked for. Records are broken, drastic life overhauls and new boundaries are constantly set by those who dare to push a little harder than the normal, and I simply want to be the vessel of why people are finding a new found love for their human attributes in the ever growing digitized world.  So, if I can enhance my clients’ health and expose them to nature in a way they have never pondered, I’ve done my good deed here on this third rock we call earth.

Be sure to find Mardae on his website:, and on Facebook and tell him I sent ya!

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