Nashville Trainer: Kevin Bazille

I met Kevin at the Nashville Winner’s Circle Awards.  There I was awarded best blogger, and Kevin was awarded best trainer.  Because of this Winner’s Circle connection, I knew you guys would like to meet him and see if his style and approach fit your 2017 New You Needs.

Founder, Kevin Bazile, New Orleans native had a hard time managing his weight during childhood. In and out of playing sports caused his weight to constantly fluctuate.  It was not until Kevin moved to Nashville, where he finally began to gain consistency. Kevin has always had a love for fitness, it was his diet that caused inconsistency. He began eating healthier and noticed people were interested in his secret of seeing great results. Next thing you know, Kevin began to coach people along their personal fitness journey. While attending Tennessee State University, Kevin spent years training clients and observing their habits, routines, and daily struggles. As time passed, he grew to understand the true formula to gaining results; nutrition, exercise, and accountability. After working at quite a few gyms in the Nashville area, Kevin finally got the opportunity to open a fitness studio where he could practice the true formula to seeing results. Kevin aspires to change lives and encourage all to live a balanced lifestyle. At 80/20 Fitness, you are bound to receive the stability to help create a healthier you.

What is your approach to personal training, fitness, and healthy living?

I think my personal approach to training is to keep it fun and creative. I like watching clients actually enjoy their workouts while embracing a competitive spirit.  If a client is not engaged, it could cause them to be distracted from their goal.


What is your personal training guarantee?

We guarantee to provide clients with the resources needed to achieve maximum results; nutritional services, fitness training, and accountability. We offer the flexibility to choose which program works best for them and their lifestyle.  From personal training to African dance, there is definitely something for everyone. Our goal is to never let clients feel defeated or beneath their fitness goals.

Accountability is a key factor in all services provided at 80/20 Fitness. Clients express their ultimate goal and together, we create a timeline to help them accomplish that goal. By taking measurements and stepping on the scale every week, clients keep both accountability and determination high.


Why did you decide to become a personal trainer?

I became a personal trainer because I want to help others transform their lives for the better. I’ve had issues with my body in the past and I’ve come to realize that it takes 80% nutrition and 20% exercise to gain and maintain results, hence the name “80/20 Fitness”.

(All writing by Kevin Bazille)

Be sure to check out Kevin’s Facebook Page, and Instagram Page or call 615-787-7693 to book your class today!


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