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If you’re looking for an accountability partner for your 2017 fitness goals, then hiring a personal trainer or joining group fitness activities is a great way to have someone one on one or a group of friends keep you accountable.  Each class and trainer has their own style though, right? Perusing social media I’ve seen observed Nashville Trainer Gerell’s features on Channel Five and I’ve seen him facilitate tons of group fit sessions as well.  Florida Born and Raised, Nashville living Personal Trainer Gerell Webb.  Read below to learn more about Florida Born and Raised, Nashville living Personal Trainer Gerell Webb and connect with his approach to personal fitness.

Emerging as one of the brightest in the fitness industry, Gerell works with a variety of clientele from doctors, attorney’s and musicians to collegiate athletes and pre-teens. Gerell is a certified personal trainer and Nutrition Coach based out of Nashville, Tennessee.  Gerell is a driven and passionate personal trainer who believes that there are no shortcuts to fitness. With hard work, patience and priorities you can achieve your optimal fitness level. Known for his innovative and high energy style of training you are sure to achieve your goals while having fun, reaching new milestones and never repeating the same workout twice. Gerell can be caught appearing regularly as the Fitness Expert on News Channel 5’s Talk of Town television series. Gerell released his debut fitness DVD “Don’t Press Pause” in 2014 and sold over 500 copies and he is working on writing his first book. Gerell currently leads one of the largest group fitness classes in Nashville and has lead crowds of up to 3,000 participants.

Q: What is your approach to Fitness? Personal Training?

A: My approach to fitness is simple. There are no short cuts and trust the process. I believe you can achieve your goals while living a balanced lifestyle but you must be willing to do the work.

Q: What is your guarantee?

A: That’s a tricky question. The only guarantee that I make is that if you give me all that you’ve got, I will give you all that I have.I guarantee that I will never quit on you. All I ask is that you do the same. If both of us commit to give 100% you are guaranteed to achieve your goals.

Q: Do you have a timeline or a program? What does it consist of?

A: Everybody (client) is different so with that being the case it is very hard for me as a professional to promise that I can make you lose a certain amount of weight within a general time frame. My programs have proven results. They are designed to be hard and to push you to your limits. Remember Anybody can do easy. If you stick to them they WILL work for you!

Q: Why are you a personal trainer?

A: I am a personal trainer because I love people. I love to see people achieve their goals. I love to inspire change in people both physically and mentally. Changing someone’s life by changing their health is a huge reward in itself. I am very blessed to wake up every morning at 4am to go and do what I love. Personal Training is challenging on every front. But I always remember “ to whom much is given. Much is required.”

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