Nashville is ‘Under The Sea’ With the Disney’s The Little Mermaid

When I walked into the lobby of the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, there was a sea of mermaid princesses, all bubbling with energy to see our favorite Mermaidian princess Ariel.  I was amongst the princesses, dressed in a themed floral print halter dress.

We were going “Under the Sea”!  Read on for my favorite characters and my video slideshow recap of the event!

If you don’t remember the classic The Little Mermaid, it a story that quite relatable:  larger than life dreams, deceitful antagonists, taking a chance on love, and luckily in this case, happily ever after.


There’s something about the art of the play that is so much more engaging than a movie. What I liked the most about the Little Mermaid Live is the use of both the stage, the frame of the stage, lighting, and the air to make the play larger than life. The costumes were adorned with streams of fabric and the actors steadily moving their bodies with a wave-like a rhythm (dare I say a body roll) that appealed to my senses and added to simulated underwater setting.

Here’s a brief recap on some two of my favorite characters:

Ursula was truly a beautiful and terrifying Octopus Queen with a respectable tapered coif.

I really enjoyed how her creepy cronies rolled around as well as supported her tentacles to add depth to her character.  

Sebastian was everything you would expect from an Island sound to being Ariel’s worrisome guardian.  He even walked like a crab.  So cool!

I enjoyed visiting TPAC for The LIttle Mermaid live and seeing all the little faces light up with each and every song and plot twist.  I even had a tiny princess behind me singing in my ear — side by side with this adult princess singing along.  Proof that The Little Mermaid is timeless for the princess of all ages.  

Here’s a slideshow of my time!


Connect with the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) for all upcoming shows and events!


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