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1I was so excited when Yoga with AB reached out to me about collaborating.  So – we worked out a deal, she sponsored an hour session in exchange for this blog post with  The session was an in-home private session at an early 7am.  After the 45 Vinyasa Flow session (which really opened me up deep in the center of my spine), I was invigorated and energized for the remainder of the day.  AB flows at a pace that challenges you and stretches you right on out.  I even felt a little sore the next day from tightening my core.    I’ve got another session scheduled with her in a few weeks and you should book her as well.  Click below to check out all of her service and ideas for incorporating Yoga into your environment.


My name is Ashley Brooke James, AB the Pop-Up Yogi! My mission is to make yoga practice accessible to the community while turning yoga into a life-style. Yoga with AB offers services for ALL levels specializing in “Vinyasa Flow” (Connecting Movement with Breath) and Restorative Yoga (Practicing centering, stillness, and alignment). My first initial goal was to get the black community into yoga and although that is still the case; I realized there are lots of people in the Nashville community who are intimated and uncomfortable in a studio setting. So I’ve been on a mission to take advantage of Nashville’s wonderful natural scenery, partner with local businesses and doctor’s offices to make yoga accessible to you … the Nashville Community! Yoga is a life-style and you should take advantage of the Love you have stored in you. #MindRight #BodyTight #YogaAB #Break-down of yoga style and services:

  • “Vinyasa” -Arranging something in a special way (yoga pose) and “Flow”- Moving from one posture to the other Vinyasa Flow allows you to fully connect with your breath as you move from one posture to the next. The speed of the class is moderate pace allowing you to focus on posture development and not the worries of keeping up with the speed of the class.
  • Advanced Vinyasa Flow still connecting breathes with movement but at a faster pace. This class is designed for students who already have experience practicing yoga and flowing in out of postures.
  • Restorative Yoga is to RE-STORE the body.

Practicing stillness and alignment while holding postures for an extended period of time; anywhere from 3-5 minutes Everyone’s needs are different that’s why restorative yoga classes can be tailored to your needs: Focus on headaches, back/neck pain, meditation, detox, hip-openers, heat-openers, stress, and anxiety.

Private Yoga Sessions

This is a way to take the intimidation of entering a studio away. Trust Me! I know the feeling! Private Sessions are offered to Nashville, Murfreesboro, Hermitage, Mt. Juliet, Brentwood, Franklin, Goodlettsville, and surrounding areas.

  • No more than 5 in a private session.
  • Private Sessions are offered in-house where you come to me and out-house where I come to you. If you book a private session for me to come to your home please make sure there is a place for complete focus and away from distractions.
  • Seasonal Locations- During the pretty month’s private sessions can be held at local parks, lakes, venues, etc.
  • Private Sessions are good for someone looking to enhance their practice with one-one guidance, birthday fitness parties, bridal parties, ladies/guy meet-up before weekend brunch, date night, and parents looking to get their children involved in an extra-curricular activity.

POP-UP SESSIONS around the Community

Nashville Farmer’s Market: From the months of April-October (depending on the weather) Yoga with AB partners with the Nashville Farmer’s Market the 2nd and last Saturdays of the month offering the community “Feel Good about Life Yoga!” Letting the week go and preparing for what is set to be a delightful weekend. Welcome the Sun, Breathe in the fresh air while meeting new friends. Vinyasa style class for all levels! Bring the family, neighbor, kids, dogs, or come alone-I’m sure you’ll meet new friends!! Now that you have fed your soul … Feed your belly with all the deliciousness the Nashville Farmer’s Market has to offer!

Yoga by The Lake

Looking for peace of mind with a beautiful view local to you? Great thing Nashville has plenty of beautiful lakes and rivers. Be on the lookout for POP-UP sessions with AB by the lake! Let the sound of nature move you while getting lost in loving yourself. Slow … Strong … Confident Boost feels good movements.

Music & Motion

Hello Music City!! Anytime I have the opportunity to link up with any local musicians looking to collaborate I’m always in. I LOVE music and so does the world so why not mix yoga and music?!

Kid’s Yoga

Yoga plays an important role in the emotional and physical development of kids. Yoga helps with emotions; helps build stronger developing bones, coordination, balance, sleep patterns, concentration, and so much more.

Corporate Events

Interested in bringing yoga into the work place to reduce stress and tension in your employers? Or maybe looking to plan a fitness event? Contact me! Classes offered in Vinyasa or Restorative. Specialized workshops can be arranged upon booking.

Fitness Groups/Organizations

Already a fitness organization but looking to add yoga to your fitness plan? Contact me! Classes offered in Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow or Restorative. Specialized workshops can be arranged upon booking.

Chiropractor/Massage Therapist/ Doctor Office’s

Interested in offering more to your patients that is guaranteed for them to be the happiest/healthiest version of themselves? Contact Me! Classes offered in Restorative and specialized workshops.

(Specialized workshops included yoga for neck and back pain, anxiety, stress/tension, prenatal, headaches, etc.)

Follow Ashley on Instagram @ ab_the_yogi or by emailing her at!

(All words by AB)

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