Nashville Hosts Black Music Honors Awards 2017

The stars aligned in Nashville for the Second Annual Black Music Honors Awards Show taping.  Black Music Honors (BMH) is an annual 2-hour national broadcast television special established to honor legendary artists in all music genres and the icons who have influenced and made significant contributions to the music industry. It has been hosted here in Nashville. Music City for the last two years.  The Tennessee Performing Arts Center transformed into an impressive red carpet and awards show venue.  More about the event and the pictures!

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So KB, What is the Black Music Honors?


Black Music Honors (BMH) is an annual 2-hour national broadcast television special established to honor legendary artists in all music genres and the icons who have influenced and made significant contributions to the music industry.


Why is there a Black Music Honors?


Same reason there is a National Museum of African American Music and a National Museum of African American History.  Sometimes dominant culture can obscure the contributions made by African Americans.  These awards ensure their contributions are honored and cement significance and context.  These efforts better serve the history of African American and/or Black Culture.  The purpose of the Black Music Honors is to celebrate the rich contributions of African Americans and the role they play in shaping the soundtrack of American Music.


Black folks need a space that’s just ours, ok?


Who’s idea was it/who brought it to Nashville?


Why not Music City, right?  This is the second year Nashville hosted the BMH.  With the National Museum of African American History being constructed, I too believe is the flagstaff host for the BMH.  But that’s just my opinion.  

BMH is produced by Central City Productions, Inc, founded by Don Jackson. Ticket sales proceeds benefit the National Museum of African American Music in Nashville, TN


So who all was in town for the event?

The event was hosted by Rickey Smiley and Letoya Luckett.  They were supported by Comedian Akintunde.

The honorees were The Jacksons, Donnie McClurkin, Guy, Slick Rick, Oleta Adams, and Jody Watley.

The performers included Angela Winbush, Angela Winbush, Avery Sunshine, Carl Thomas, Da Brat, Dave Hollister, Jon Jon, Jonathan Butler, Karen Clark Sheard, Kid N Play, Latrice Crawford, Leela James, Marvin Winans, Montell Jordan, Next Town Down, Nicole C. Mullen, Sevyn Streeter, Shanice, Silk, SWV, The Jacksons, Tony Terry and Vivian Green.


Did I read that it is a live taping?  When will the show air?

BMH will air in national broadcast syndication from September 2, 2017 – September 30, 2017. It will air on Bounce TV on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, at 7:00 PM (EST)


That’s cool! So It’s an awards show. Can you tell me who won what award?

Stellar Awards and Grammy® Award-winner Donnie McClurkin, will receive the Gospel Music Icon Award; the R&B group Guy, creators of the New Jack Swing sound, will be given the R&B Soul Music Icon Award; Grammy® nominated rapper Slick Rick will be presented with the Hip Hop/Rap Music Icon Award, Grammy® nominated-singer Oleta Adams is receiving the Legends Award and Grammy® Award-winner Jody Watley will be recognized with the Crossover Music Icon Award.


Who sang a tribute to whom?

Donnie McClurkin’s Tribute is performed by Nicole C. Mullins, Karen Clark Sheard, Jonathan Butler, and Marvin Winans

Guy’s Tribute is performed by Carl Thomas, SWV, and DaBrat.

Slick Rick was tributed by Montell Jordan, Kid n Play

Oleta Adams’ tribute was performed by Latrice Crawford, Leela James, and Avery Sunshine

Jody Watley was tributed by Sevy Streeter and Vivan Green

The Jacksons tribute was performed by Next Town Down, Silk, and Jon Jon.

Tony Terry and Shanice also sang a tribute to Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway.


Did Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack win an award?

Not at this time.  Stay focused!




I saw few pictures of you on the red carpet.  How was it?

I’m glad you asked!  It’s a whole new world for me working a red carpet event, but I’m engaging person and truly a fan so it was like second nature to me ( that and my bad habit of cutting people off mid sentence)!  I could tell a lot of effort was put into the red carpet preparations.  I took time to observe the different roles and responsibilities involved in producing a red carpet event.  All of us media are lined up in our tiny spots ready to greet, interview, and chat with the celebrities.  At times it feels like a pushing match because you just have to jump out there and ask a question or say that artist name and ask for a picture.  No butterflies, just talk to the artist!  To be honest,  I spent a lot of time expressing my excitement.  There were several times after I met a star I had to walk away and scream on the inside -I’m still a fan!   Who knew how much effort it takes work to chat it up with high profile people, to prepare thoughtful and unevasive question ahead of time, juggle your phone with video, interview, and push for the photo.  Nobody tells you what to do, you just do it.   With that being said, it’s so much fun and an honor.   Each time I work a red carpet I learn more, my world gets larger, and my content gets tighter.  

And who doesn’t love a great reason to dress up and snap it up with you musical favorites!


How was the show itself?

It was really cool to participate in a live taping. This meant that the stage producer would ask us for applauses, or cue up the hosts.  Some things had to be re recorded.  Real live behind the scenes.  Rickey Smiley kept us in tears because he had a joke for each open moment.  He gave us our own comedy show; he is so silly!  Letoya did such a good job, giving us all of her Houston glory, if you know what I mean.  Even the stage producer chuckled a few times.  Seeing how a show comes together was really eye opening.  Fun times were had by all.

My favorite performance of the night was the tribute to Slick Rick.  Kid n Play did their thing!  I won’t spoil the show, but their tribute to Slick Rick’s timeless hits will definitely get you out your seat.


I wanna attend next year!  Will it be in Nashville?

I hope so.  Decisions are made that most profitable to a business. My hope is that as the momentum builds for the National Museum of African American Music that the Nashville community, as well the growing public awareness of NMAAM and its significance as a NATIONAL museum will translate to more support and ticket sales.


How can I support?

Visit their respective websites for information and details


Central City Productions:



The National Museum Of African American Music 

The National Museum of African American Music is set to open its doors in 2019. It will be the only museum dedicated to preserving the legacy and celebrating the accomplishments of the many music genres created, influenced, or inspired by African Americans. Being built in Nashville, the Museum will share the story of the American Soundtrack, integrating history and interactive technology to bring the musical heroes of the past into the present.

About Central City Productions (CCP)

Chicago’s premier TV Production Company. With 46 years of successful and innovative television production and marketing experience, Central City Productions (CCP) is a leader in the minority- targeted television. CCP is a full-service television production company that produces, syndicates, and manages advertising sales for all of its programs. CCP programs reflect the wide diversity of talent, the one-time specials and the annual and/or weekly programs that have achieved tremendous mass audience appeal, including its flagship production of The Stellar Gospel Music Awards.



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