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One of my favorite places to shop, for jeans specifically, is Flip.  Flip is located off of 8th Ave South, just south of the roundabout.  Flip is one of my favorite boutiques to shop because of its selection, location, and price.

I learned a long time ago to cherish a pair of good-fitting jeans, even if you have to pay a premium for them.  I was introduced to Seven for All Mankind Jeans and loved how the jeans filled out my skinny frame.  I did not love the premium price tag, but nevertheless, I loved the jeans.  I often would search for the Seven for All Mankind Jeans in the value-priced mega stores Marshalls and TJ Maxx.  I would often get lucky and maybe catch a pair from time to time at a more reasonable (gag) price.

Enter Flip Fashion.   Shopping at Flip really does give you the feel of a boutique and the service always makes me feel like I’m getting a personal shopping experience.  They have a great selection of apparel and accessories on trend and in season.  For me, online shopping isn’t curated (hunt and pick) and big box stores have an overwhelming selection (like Cheesecake Factory’s Menu).

Flip About Its Mission:

“We worked, we learned, we made mistakes, and we used to laugh because we didn’t know how to pronounce half the labels…. but we’re both (Mark and Klane) passionate about integrity, service, and we are appreciative of people that come in the store …. we know that we don’t exist without them and that’s just not words we try to show it. We are very selective and thus we have a great selection of product. We are also very passionate about providing a high level of service.”


Current Promotions

Fall Looks


Look 1 – For a Football Game











I’m a jean and top girl.  I loved this sweater because it showed a little skin or you could put a tank under it when its cold.  This type of outfit takes minimal preparation and is great for a football game or a night out with friends.  While I don’t think this outfit is still available at Flip, I am sure they have a host of sweaters you can pair with jeans for an easy grab and go outfit.

Look 2 – For a Family Dinner











Again, my favorite jeans and a sweater, but this look is a bit more dressy because of the sweater.  I should have purchased this sweater!  This look would be great for a date or an event.  Dressy sweaters and other items are available at Flip!


Look 3 – For the Holiday Party










Gold is a great look for holiday parties and this gold dress is great for a holiday party.  Add some bangles and a statement piece and you have the perfect look for a selfie or group photo.  Grab all kinds of gold styles at Flip.


Look 4 – For Date Night











Hey Hey!  You have a date and you want to keep his attention on a first date?  Get you a sweater mini dress and rock some knee-high boots.  I love a dress; its so easy to throw on.  This cute sweater dress hugs all right curves and is just enough to appeal to the senses and be a fine plus one!  I love black yall!  Shop all the little black dresses at Flip!

For the Guys

You may not know it, but Flip originally started as a men’s consignment store.  The selection includes accessories, shoes and boots, outerwear, pants, shirts, shoes and of course sports coats, shirts, pants, suits, and sweaters.  Ask any other their associates for any assistance for pulling together a look — us ladies love a well put together man!  And grab a gift card while you’re there —  gift cards make great holiday gifts!


















Which look was your favorite?  Will you be shopping FLIP for the holiday?

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