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Kendra Garcia is a born and raised Nashvillian.  After years of working in corporate America, she decided to take a leap out of the ‘shoebox’ to pursue her dream and natural talent of becoming a Life & Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author & Mentor.  She tackled an area where many women can relate: being a mom and an entrepreneur. How does she do it? How do other moms do it?  I know she has a natural knack for motivation because she pushes and supports me along my entrepreneurial journey, and I’m not even a client (yet…..hmmm)  Read on for more!

I sat down with Life Strategist KG to chat with her about her recent book release:

Interview with Dream Life Coaching LLC

Posted by Karla Burnett on Saturday, April 1, 2017

Kendra Garcia, known as Life Strategist KG, is a native of Nashville, TN.  She has 5 kids, 1 husband, and no pets. Kendra has a Bachelors of Science degree in Business and Organizational Development from Bethel University and a Masters of Fine Arts from Full Sail University.

It is through life’s up’s and downs that Kendra developed the “push through muscle” needed to overcome obstacles such as the loss of her second son at only 2 weeks old, financial struggle, and the trials that come along with being a young wife and mom.  Kendra accomplished most of her major goals such as obtaining her degrees, growing in her career in the tech industry, becoming a certified life coach and becoming a published author, all while raising babies and being a wife.  

Kendra is the author of ‘Real Tales of a Momprenuer, Business, Babies, and Balance’ which is a collaborative project that details the accounts of 13 mom’s and aspiring moms who are chasing their dreams while trying to balance being mom’s and wives or preparing to be mom’s and wives.  The book true accounts of the many up’s and downs each lady experienced along their Momprenuer journey and how they overcame obstacles, the naysayers and the issues that arise from raising families, to reach each of their entrepreneurial goals.   This is a book that will make you laugh, cry, smile and root for each of the ladies as they take you on their real tales of trying to build businesses, taking care of babies and finding the elusive balance.

In 2016, Kendra took a leap of faith and decided to chase her dreams of helping people push through their obstacles and accomplish life and business goals through her life coaching business.  In addition to starting her coaching business, she has managed to become a published author, motivational speaker, and mentor.  Kendra is the owner of Dream Life Coaching where she gets to help men and women from all over the world find the CAN in every CAN’T.  

It is through Kendra’s no holds barred, real talk and real accountability coaching approach that she has been able to help her coaching clients gain clarity on their goals and start businesses, create websites to expand their businesses, come up with strategies to grow their businesses and increase business revenue.  She has helped clients experience transformational growth, get out of their own way and accomplish goals they never knew were possible. Kendra’s ability to take her real-life experiences, skills acquired during her tech career and NO MATTER WHAT attitude will for sure solidly her spot as a go-to coach if you ready to take your life to the next level.

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Now a published author, busy Momprenuer sharing her story of going from trials to triumph in her new book, she is also now the Life & Business Coaching Editor for Model Mom Magazine, a women’s empowerment & lifestyle magazine (click the image below to subscribe)










When Kendra is not busy coaching clients, mentoring young girls and building her brand, she can be found at one of her kids sporting events cheering them on, riding around Nashville putting on full concerts from her car, hanging with her husband or having a nice glass of wine while watching HGTV.

Are you tired of being stuck?  Do you have a dream that you’ve been sitting on and you need guidance on where to start?  Tired of being broken, busted and disgusted?  

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Are there any other Mompreneur’s out there?  How do you balance your work, your business, and your family?  Let me know in comments!

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