Nashvile Indie Artist Tye Maurice “Waves” EP Album Release Party Recap

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Download Tye Maurice EP “Waves” available online at your favorite online music retailer.
Last summer, before I took the leap, Decarlos Askew introduced me to an artist Tye Maurice. I’ve featured him earlier on the blog here.  But first, and again, let me give you a little background about Decarlos in order to frame my conversation about Tye Maurice.

Decarlos’ love for music is known far and wide, and my fellow Aries is a social butterfly (our birthdays are a week apart).  With those powers combined,  he has built a network of indie artists that’s he’s been drawn to not only their sound but also, their hearts.  In other words, he naturally makes friends with people (hell, I met him on Twitter), a lot of whom are a musical artist.  Staying in touch with them, and giving pointers and feedback when asked,  over time, he developed a very keen ear and instinct for good music. A little over two years ago he decided to launch a compilation of indie artist, to celebrate his love for “undiscovered” or indie artists entitled Nirvana. He solicited his social media feeds for submission for his then-untitled compilation album. Over 200 indie artists submitted their single for entry. However only 15 made the final cut. The album is called Nirvana and is one of the most solid combinations of indie music I’ve ever heard. To this day I still play the album.
Now let’s go back to last summer. I’m blogging and figuring out what direction I wanna go, and Decarlos says “I want you to do an interview for an artist.”
You know when someone is so credible in their that you take their word for it?  That’s how I felt about Tye Maurice before I’d even met him.
Satellites touched me so much as I could relate…. I was screaming up and down excited to write for the creator of such beautiful, honest music.  I have only dreamed of being able to have the opportunity to ONLY work for brands and projects I believe in, and Tye Maurice was one of those first and often telling project of what my talents and skills would bring me.
Tye had a room packed with guests, friends, and supporters and made for an intimate and memorable night.  Tye performed in his similar fashion with no shoes, rocking black and white checkerboard socks!
The energy was beautiful, honest music. And it was good.  Real good.  I got the opportunity to connect with so many positive and supportive people, all there to support you and your album release Waves.   We all held hands as we sang the last melodies of the chorus of Lament. In the midst of all the divisiveness going on in the world, I was deeply moved being in that moment together with you all.
Thank you for choosing me to be a cheerleader and host for one the most important milestones in your life.
And I was compensated for the event yall!  I am so proud to have built my brand enough to where I can be compensated for hosting.  I had a ball too.
There were some other amazing people that I have to acknowledge:

The Studio Nashville

OMG.  You guys ROCK.  Your service and support in preparation of and the day of the event were above and beyond.   Thank you for being an accommodating, helpful, and pleasant venue team.  You guys went out of your way to make us feel comfortable, and it was noticed and appreciated.   I can not wait to feature your event space in hopes that my Nashville readers will consider having their next event at The Studio Nashville.  You guys were thorough, generous, kind.  Thank you again.

DJ Chad Edwards

Your tunes really the tone for the event.  I mean from Solange to the Perculator (at the end for the mixer) you did an excellent job.  Thank you, Thank you and GREAT JOB!

 G2 Entertainment

Founders of the Tastemaker events and other parties back in the day – thanks for coming out and supporting the event!

 Nashville Noize

The show that is one before “The Scenario”  thanks to Nashville Noize for coming out and supporting Nashville Indie art.

Out of town guests

People coming to see you from out of town means a lot.  The highways and byways

Lyric Lane Friends

Melanie, Umeadi, Terrance, Louise, Shica, Marissa, Calvin — it is always great to see you guys and see you supporting Decarlos.  Thanks for coming and I love ya.


I remember having a phone call with Decarlos the next morning and we kept remarking the perfection of the event.  So much so that Decarlos and I have some ideas up our sleeves on how to replicate this for a special upcoming event.  Stay Tuned!

Yours Truly,


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