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Crossroads Pets is a non-profit, neighborhood pet store, groomer, dog wash self-wash and dog and cat adoption center located on the corner of Rosa Parks and Monroe in the North Nashville neighborhood Germantown. Roxy and I have been customers of Crossroads pets for the last three years.    I love small businesses and am thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you all about the products, services, and giving back of Crossroad Pets.


Crossroads Pets

Crossroads Pets is located at 707 Monroe Street, Nashville, TN 37208









Inside View of the retail side of Crossroads Pet.









Front-facing view of the retail side of Crossroads Pet.








I am the proud owner of a six-year-old Maltipoo which I pride as my furry “dogter.”  In the last six years of dog ownership.always enjoyed the friendly home away from home feeling of Crossroads Pets.  I’ve been a customer for the last 3 years and they just LOVE my Roxy and are so sweet to her whenever we come to the store. I consider my dog Roxy my best friend and I only feel comfortable having her at Crossroads.


When you walk inside you are greeted by a retail store.  Continuing through the store there is a cat room and cat adoption area (indoor), a dog adoption area (indoor and outdoor), a grooming station, and a dog wash.  Crossroads Pets has really utilized all of its space for pet care needs!

Featured Products

Roxy and I Shopping a Crossroads Pets









Sometimes I ask Roxy for her opinion on products!









Dogs have a bar soap option? Who knew?








Crossroads Pets is known for carrying a wide selection of healthy foods and treats for Dogs and Cats, including grain-free and raw options, toys and leashes, grooming and supplies, supplements, and flea and tick prevention.  The store features bins of bully sticks, different colored collars and leashes, and tons of flavors and scents of grooming products.  There is a retail rewards system and a newsletter delivered to your email to keep you in the know.



Cat Room

Welcome to the Cat House at Crossroads Pets!











KB and Intern in front of the cat wall inside the cat room.








KB loves the Kitties












To the side of the retail store is the Cat Room are all things related to cats including treats, scratching pots, and of course the cats.  An intern assisted me with one of the kittens that were available for adoption.    What started as her hanging out in my palm, turned into a little kitty using her claws and climbing my arm making my shoulder her perch.  Cats are available for adoption!  Contact 615-712-9758 to schedule a visit with the current adoptable cats and kittens.



Grooming Services

Just another day at the groomer @ Crossroads Pets!









Roxy has hair that needs grooming approximately every six weeks.  It’s great to have a groomer that is in easily accessible to the city.  Located off of Rosa Parks and Monroe, Crossroads Pets is located in a central part of town.  This makes drop and pick up a breeze. I typically drop Roxy off before work, and pick her afterward all clean and groomed!  Dog of all sizes can be groomed with ease.  I really like that Crossroads Pets is a one-stop shop with the retail and groomer in one location.



Adoption Services


Dog Training with the Adoptable Dogs










Are you looking to give a dog a home?  Crossroads Pets offers dog adoption services.  Adopting a dop helps reduce the stray dog population and gives a dog a forever home.  Dogs live on site and have a visiting area and a spacious outdoor run serviced by the interns.



Dog Wash Yea!


Roxy poses in the Dog Wash Machine









Roxy getting lathered up in the dog wash



Roxy and I gave the dog a wash a whirl.  It works like the car wash.  You purchase a token and are given a dial with options like flea shampoo, regular shampoo, etc. You click the option and that determines which liquid comes out the nozzle.   I was given a smock and a $5 token which equaled to about 5 minutes of time.  I suds up Roxy twice.  Once she’s shampooed and rinsed clean,  you switch hoses and use the dryer to dry your pup.

The Interns















I saved the best for last!  The best part about Crossroads Pets is their social enterprise.  Crossroads provides paid job internships for young people to work in the store learning retail and grooming skills.  Crossroads also has an income-based affordable housing unit above the store where four young people live together.  Interns come through various partner agencies to live and/or work on campus and participate in rotations in the different jobs at the Crossroads.  They are also provided counseling guidance and support.


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