Mary J. Blige at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville

Mary J. Blige brought the “Strength of a Woman Tour” to Nashville and gave us ALL her strength!  Read on for my recap including the song list and video!


Mary hit the stage a little bit past 9 pm with a sparkle Superman T-Shirt (which she’s a superwoman), beautiful bronze skin, and parachute pants with lengthwise slits.  Here are the songs she performed in order:

“I Can Love You”
“Enough Crying”
“Real Love”
“You Remind Me”
“Be Happy”
“Love No Limit”
“Share My World”
“My Life”
Mary then changed into a shorts romper with signature hat floppy hat over her eye.
Mary clapped in the words as she spoke” 👏Nobody 👏is👏 her 👏everything,👏 but👏 her 👏fans 👏are 👏everything 👏

Yes Mary YES!

Then she sang:
“I’m Going Down”
She had a break and spoke:
“A man gets to lie a man gets to cheat, but I got to pay him for it. That ain’t fair.
A special place in hell for “n- words” like you.”
The lady is hurt and rightfully so.  I can’t speak on the situation, but having experienced heartbreak OFTEN, I know it’s better to get it out, Mary.  Let it out.
She then sang:
“Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”
“Not Gone Cry”
“No More Drama”
Mary then walked off stage to change clothes.  While we waited, we saw video clips of
“All I Need” (featuring Method Man)
“What’s The 411?
“You Don’t Have To Worry”
“911” featuring Wyclef Jean
We were all reminded of the legacy that Mary J. Blige has created through song and iconic collaborations!
Mary came back on stage in a black track suit that beared her midrift and can we please have a moment of silence for Mary’s tight svelt 46 yaaaass year old self?
She then sang:
“Sweet Thang”
“Just Fine”
“Family Affair”

Something tell me Mary J. Blige is going to be just fine, but I send her my all my gratitude for music that I gets me through the feels, as well as her relatability.  I’m proud of how she’s grown and I”m a huge fan.

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