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As an emerging entrepreneur, I am better understanding the merchandising side of marketing.  And, as a black woman, I am all about being intentional with your legacy.   And it all can start with a brand and a t-shirt.  There is so much opportunity in building a recognizable brand and selling a t-shirt, y’all.  That’s why we are featuring Legacy Ink Design located at 727 S. Church Street in Murfreesboro, TN on the blog.  Legacy Ink Design has partnered with so many of our favorite entrepreneurs and creative brands. Their clients range from colleges and universities (MTSU, TSU), local eateries (Slim and Husky’s), independent brands (Trap Garden), and media brands (Protect the Culture, and 101 the Beat). Add The Scenario Radio Show to the list of clients, as we were very pleased with the T-shirts we received for our first the ‘Scenario Radio Show Live’ event last week, in exchange for this blog post.  

Legacy Ink is without a doubt so much more than t-shirts.  Today on the blog, we talk merchandising with the Murfreesboro location and local face  Legacy Ink Design.  As always, my opinions are those of my own.   

Read on about the family at Legacy Ink Design.

Legacy Ink Design Founders Troy Cheairs and Semaj Thomas started Legacy Ink Design ten years ago out of their dorm room at Middle Tennessee State University “printing t-shirts for the sororities and fraternities.”  After graduating in from MTSU in 2005 with a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising Troy went on to work for  V F Image Wear (Vanity Fair) for 5 years growing his business knowledge in marketing and merchandising and seed funding his entrepreneurial venture.

Legacy Ink Design’s, vision in my experience, is to empower its brand, clients, and employees with the skills and strategic partnerships to build their own legacy.  “Working for us, we will teach you how to screen print t-shirts, which is a transferable skill.  We are a family-owned business, very independent, and we teach the essence of adding value with your passion and talents. “

We [Legacy Ink] grew to become more than just t-shirts as we matured as a business. Troy’s mantra is “a relationship today, a dollar tomorrow.”  Troy says “I would rather build a relationship with you before we exchange money and I’ve found much success in that approach.”  “We understood that our clients request for a t-shirt stemmed from a broader desire for longer-term strategic branding and PR and that is what we provide.  We knew how to connect people, and became proactive in creating opportunities (events, media, publication) for merchandising instead of just taking t-shirt orders.  In this way, our service is more of a relationship than a sales transaction.  We not only want your business, but we want to help you grow, so each partnership has personal consideration in how we can sow seeds of ‘building your legacy’ (which Troy refers to as BYL).  “Your success is ultimately our success.”

After being in business for over ten years, they have a consistent stream of churches, schools, and group projects. But being the community’s brand is what it’s all about.  In line with the community aspect, this summer Legacy Ink Design will be opening its retail store called “The Vault” where it will feature client merchandise supporting other entrepreneurs and passionate brands.  I can’t wait to shop Nashville in Murfreesboro with Legacy Ink Design!

This is KB here and I’m learning there is a market for t-shirt printing and merchandising – so get you one! And now you know!  You can connect with Legacy Ink Design by visiting their website www.legacyinkdesign.com or LegacyInkDesign across all social media platforms.


Karla (KB) Burnett is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Sociology and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration from Bethel University.  She is a Nashville Native and Lifestyle Blogger; a Free Spirit, and a Music Lover. Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  You can listen to her as she co-hosts “The Scenario Radio Show” by downloading the app “Radio Free Nashville” or streaming the archives here. She also launched “Shoebox Consulting” for brand strategy and coaching. If you need help starting your own blog, you may join her blogging community or click here for your free consultation. Or you can always email: karla@nashvillesocialbutterfly.com

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