Isley Brothers at Schermerhorn Symphony

Tonight, the Isley Brothers performed at the Schermerhorn Symphony Hall.  I really love this venue.  If you have never been to the Nashville Symphony, you must check out an event at the Schermerhorn. It is a beautiful location, inside and out.  It really makes you want to dress up, get a date, get out the house, and take some nice pictures.  I was raised on old school music, and I wanted to see the Isley Brothers because there was no telling when the next time they would be  in town.

I arrived on time actually to the Symphony Hall, and headed up the three flights of stairs to my seat.  I had a balcony seat on the third floor, west side.  I really liked the side seats although at times it was hard to see Ernie Isley.  When you look at my pictures, imagine me being on the balcony on the same side of the stage he was performing, so he was “under” me.  

The concert started right on time at 730 pm with Ronald Isley, AKA Mr. Biggs performing “For the Love of You, and Between the Sheets.” There was a live band, backup singers, Ronald Isley front and center, and Ernie Isley out to the side of the stage with his electric guitar controls.  

The concert was great. I am glad I was able to see them perform live, because Ronald and Ernie Isley are definitely getting older.  There were times when Ronald Isley performed sitting from a stool.  The dancers handed out roses to the crowd and once during the show, people from the first few rows were allowed on stage to “hang out and dance” with Ronald Isley.  There was a brief moment where Ronald and Ernie Isley were honored with the announcement that they were awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Berklee University (if you want to read more about that click here).  Congrats to the Isley Brothers.  They also paid tribute to Whitney Houston (with a small rendition of “Yes, Jesus Loves me), and briefly Prince. There also were backup dancers/singers that danced with the songs (nothing over the top or distracting) and added to the engagement of the performance.

The best part of the show to me was seeing all the mothers enjoying the music.  Ronald Isley mentioned he was performing songs from 1976, and the ladies/mothers, were jamming!  People were standing in their seats throughout the room, including myself.  

Another favorite element of the show was Ernie Isley whom is extremely talented on the electric guitar. If you think about “Who’s that Lady, ” or “Choosey Lover”  and the electric guitar which is a standout in those songs; tonight the electric guitar was talking the same way.   After one set, Ernie Isley played the guitar with his mouth or teeth, and he threw his guitar pic in the crowd (similar to how Obama dropped the mic).  I enjoyed hearing the electric guitar the most.  Think, Alabama Shakes and Brittany Howard — same talent on the guitar and it is becoming one of my favorite instruments.

Finally Ronald Isley changed into a mobster type of outfit and the backup dancers had the same type of outfit as well to complement.  The song they performed with these costumers was Contagious.   His work with R.Kelly definitely took Isley Brothers to another level.  

All in All I am so very glad and grateful to attend the show, support Lovenoise, and the Isley brothers. They are definitely legends to have graced the Schermerhorn Stage.

There really weren’t that many pictures to take but here’s a few:


File May 08, 11 04 02 PM
Can’t forget to say thank you to my friends over at Blush Boutique for the dress.
File May 08, 10 59 19 PM
Told you -Ernie Isley playing guitar with his teeth!

File May 08, 10 59 53 PM File May 08, 10 59 39 PM File May 08, 10 59 00 PM File May 08, 10 58 46 PM


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