Recap: Hosting at Annual Lemonade Day Party, Sponsored by Stay On The Go

Hello everyone!  I’m excited to announce that I will be hosting at the 4th Annual Lemonade Party sponsored by Stay On the Go.  This event has been a fun one to attend in past years, and I’m excited to be a host this year.  Sunday, May 15, from 3-8 PM  @ Salsa.  I will be hosting along side real estate guru Jessica Williams and musical genius and my good bud DeCarlos Askew.  I love the location, the patio, and food. I know you will too.  Ticket information is here.   I hope to see you there!

I had a ball at the first day party (correct me if I’m wrong) of 2016 — the 4th Annual Lemonade Day party Sponsored by Stay on the Go and Iconic Dames. The weather was a tiny bit cool for a spring day, but nevertheless Salsa and the temperature “turned up.”  The Uber dropped me off at Salsa around 3:30 and I began my hostess duties.  I introduced myself to DJ Iam Dee Jayq, as well as my contacts for the event, Iconic Damesand Shawntaz CrawfordDecarlos Askew, who was also another host of the party,and a good friend of mine, and I greeted everyone and chatted it up as well. Since it was early into party, I looked for a seat at the bar, near the door, to ensure that all of my guests did not have any problems with their entry.  I took the designation of hostess seriously, as I knew it was a great opportunity and I was going to introduce myself to as many smiling faces as I could.   I settled in at the bar and sampled some of the lemon flavored specialties: Spiked Lemonade (check).  Lemon Pepper Chicken (Check).  Freeze Cups (Check).  Lemon Hookahs (Check).  DJ Iam Dee Jayq had been playing hit after hit since I walked in the door, so I nodded my head to the music.  The tables and booths were marked reserved and swag from other silent sponsors were scattered throughout the room on the tables.  A few yellow balloons filled the air and for the first couple of hours the room was filled with a sea of yellow and laughs and conversation.

As the evening went on — the yellow themed lessened and it seemed like people stopped what they were doing and headed to the party.  In the last two hours of the party, Salsa was full of people, and from the patio you could see more people circling the block.  Then as if perfectly choreographed with the feel of the party, the DJ turned the mood up and the day party turned up.   All the routes around the tables, on the patio, and at the bar (sigh) were packed with people.  I remember saying to myself a few times “this lemonade party had such a great turn out and it really kicked off the summer season.” A few times I wondered if the party was going to extend past the scheduled 8pm time, but promptly at 8p, the DJ cut the power.

I met so many people at the Lemonade party — The Blogger Girls, and Nashville natural hair stylist Patience B. Moore —  just to name a few.  The energy was live, the music fearless, and the atmosphere was fun.  Everyone seemed relaxed and ‘turnt’ at the same time.  Great job to everyone involved to put this project together give everyone an Sunday Funday we won’t soon forget.

Check out all the lemonady pictures:

File May 18, 9 02 20 PM

File May 18, 9 02 06 PM
#tbt lemonade party 2013 at Salsa with Decarlos

File May 18, 9 05 02 PM File May 18, 9 04 48 PM File May 18, 9 04 34 PM File May 18, 9 04 09 PM File May 18, 9 03 57 PM File May 18, 9 03 45 PM File May 18, 9 03 35 PM File May 18, 9 03 06 PM File May 18, 9 02 54 PM File May 18, 9 02 44 PM


File May 18, 10 51 02 PM

KB The Nashville Social Butterfly

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