Great American Eclipse 2017 at Adventure Science Museum

The Great American Eclipse passed the nation at the right time.  With so much division and turmoil in the world, the eclipse gave the nation a  reason to keep out head to the sky.    I mean to reiterate the wonder of the heavens, the moon was going to pass in front of the sun, blocking out said sun making the daytime turn night, and this cool shadow was going to fall on Nashville.  It’s pretty cosmically cool.

The city of Nashville was in full participation of the event with Davidson County schools closing in observation, and many offices and businesses allowed their employees time off to experience the one in a lifetime solar eclipse.

Like many of the angels in my inbox, a sweet friend of mine invited me to hang with their family and share the day at the Adventure Science Center.  Read on for the recap of my day and a video of my day.  I’ll spill the beans now….the cloud blocked my view.

I’ll spill the beans now….the cloud blocked my view.


I’ll admit it took me a brief second to get my head wrapped the significance of a solar eclipse. I mean doesn’t the moon eclipse the sun all the time and vice versa?

However, I realized the magnitude of the event after I got all sciency with the why.  A solar eclipse may happen regularly but they often cast their shadow over water, somewhere no where near Nashville, or into outer space

This Eclipse was going to pass literally smack through the center of the United States making it viewable to everyone.  This will happen again in an opposite path across the United States.  But it won’t pass through Nashville for another 500 years

Oh!  This is a kind big deal.

Yep about as big of a deal as you wearing the dang on special edition certified special limited edition solar flare blocking lenses.  I’ll admit it.  I’m a skeptic.  I’m the one who enters an address into Google Maps and questions the directions.  Or I”m stubborn.  Either way, when I asked an innocent question about the necessity of the glasses….let’s say my butt got chewed apart.   It was pretty funny.  After reviewing the gospel of google, I understood it to the deception of your ability to look at the sun because it because of the moon covering it for the short amout of time could give your eyes the shock of its life. 

The Adventure Science had a complete day of events.  After parking, I catch a shuttle up to the Adventure Science Museum.  The inside of the museum reserved for ticket holders to view exhibitions, watch planetarium movies, and participate in facilitator lead science experiments.

Outside the museum was open to the public with a stage, live music, food trucks, and plenty of bottle water.  As the eclipse began, It was really nice to have a host on the stage keep us tuned in with the countdown to the Eclipse.


I’ll stop here and let you guys watch the video.  Now watch the video and you”ll also see my do some weird space walking thing with my friend Hana Elliott.  Then we’ll come back to the part where I watch and am let down because the FREAKING CLOUD BLOCKED MY VIEW




This reminded me of the part of Dennis the Menace where Mr. Wilson nurtured a flower for 40 years for it to bloom for 2 minutes. And he misses it bloom due to Dennis’ shenanigans.






Special Thank you to Hana Elliot for letting me tag along with her and her family for the Great American Eclipse.

P.S.  If I ever go on a date, I’m taking them to the Adventure Science Museum.  There was so much to read, test, and try in the areas of nature, the solar system, space, and science.  I can’t wait to come back!



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