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In preparation for this Sunday’s Urban Soul Cafe #goodvibesonly ,I made a deal with Carlos….PLEASE GET ME AN INTERVIEW!  Shout out to Carlos Hale for doing what he said he would do and getting me connected with an artist for which I’m a fan — Nashville meet Emmy and Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, producer Artist Rudy Currence.  He’s performing with this Sunday’s USCAFE gospel lineup, but don’t put him in ANY genre box.

I was introduced to him via his R&B sound on the album Digital Analog (my favorite song is UFO) and he’s not married to either gospel or r&b but in making sure his purpose is served, not matter the vehicle of musical expression and artistry.  I’m not going to lie yall, this interview was more of a perk for me than a true interview.  Read on for my chat with Rudy Currence.

After a few technical difficulties on my end, we finally were able to get the video chat kicked off.  I felt relaxed and confident.  Rudy appeared on my laptop screen and although the light was a bit dim, it was clear it was him.  He’s polite, handsome, and has a southern laid back vibe to him.  

A baby face and a braid hanging over each his shoulders as he focused in on the questions and me.  I’m excited.  My passion project is living for moments like these: connecting with and sharing the energy of passionate people operating in their purpose.

He’s very family oriented as he shouts out his brother for artistry credit where credit is due.  A lot of times you can tell when a singer has gospel roots, but for me and my introduction to Rudy on the R&B side, I couldn’t hear the gospel influence. Oh but as the conversation when on,  you can hear the preacher kid coming out as he talks about his inspiration and his two distinctly different styles — crediting one of the things he’s most proud of is being able to sample and collaborate with artists that to us are legends, for example, Walter and Andre Hawkins and the Clark Sister.  He also cites Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross as part of his sound/inspiration. 

Growing up a PK (preacher’s kid) and singing in his church choir all his life, Rudy is no stranger to stage performance, doesn’t get nervous,  and uses prayer to center his mind to prepare for upcoming appearances.  

Rudy shared with me his keys to success:

  • Putting God First
  • Keeping people around that truly love you and support you
  • Put in the due diligence to work and develop your craft
    • Literally, do SOMETHING towards your passion every day to move it forward to reality!
    • Be consistent!

So to all my passion project people —  stay humble and keep working the dream.  Definitely advice for us all!

Rudy Currence currently resides in Atlanta as an artist on Disturbing tha Peace record where he’s a simple guy; a homebody who enjoys watching Netflix and working out.  He’s focusing in on his music right now and you can watch the video for his current single here.  

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