It’s Fun Wearing Pink Hair for Breast Cancer Awareness // Sponsored by Downtown Hair Salon

Hair is an important part of a woman and her expression.  Being comfortable in her hairstyle and the message or perception being implied with said hairstyle is a huge part of the woman experience. It gives us confidence and goes without saying.  Short hair is edgy, long hair is glamorous.   We alter our hair color for the time of year, or for convenience, we may braid it.  To achieve a certain look we may add extensions or because we want something different we may opt for a wig.  We all remember when Bernadine from Waiting To Exhale literally chopped her waist-length hair (whose length is a spectacular feat for black hair) to a short pixie cut after learning that her husband had been cheating on her.  Hair. Is. Life.



I cut my hair in 2014 as part of my journey to self-discovery.    Coco Chanel wisely quoted that “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”   There is something about a major haircut that is life-changing.  Little did I know how much my life would change from the big chop. I launched January 2015 and it has really changed my life.   I remember soon after the big chop and getting comments at work about how I was “prettier” with the long hair and soft wanded curls.  Make no mind that MY hair was about SELF-expression, but folks who weren’t paying for a thing had the nerve to tell me how they preferred my hair to be styled.   What about I wanted?


Imagine having endless options of hairstyles and colors on Pinterest to sift through for inspiration, but being restricted to a select few options of hairstyles because you fear judgment from your co-workers.  Judgement in itself isn’t a problem, but when your hair texture, color, or length, and its connotations, are somehow now an indicator of the quality of your work…that’s a problem.  This judgment stifles creativity in the subject.  Why are things this way?  I remember before changing hairstyles asking my girlfriends “is this style too “much” or can I wear this to work?”  After the big chop and a few months of (and still to this day) figuring out how to style my hair,  I understood and  LOVED the uniqueness of my curl pattern and I’ve been a curlfriend ever since.  The journey into freer self-expression continued as I then highlighted my tips my staple blond in 2016 and am now wearing my hair pink for the breast cancer campaign photos you see below.

One thing I like about being a creative and working in the gig industry is that I can feel comfortable expressing my personality and creativity with my hair.  I believe all textures of hair should be celebrated, and I’m liberated not being in the harsh judgemental environment (for now).  As I was presented with the opportunity to color my hair pink for a breast cancer awareness campaign, I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive.  As outgoing as I am, truth be told….what would folks think of me wearing pink hair.  Would it seem outlandish?  How would it look on me?  Would I be taken seriously?  I’ll admit as big and bold as I am, I’m also conservative and familiar too.  As you can see I got over it and “lived a little.”   I relaxed and remembered I am a Creative. Color and flair are acceptable in the creative space; expression is encouraged.  It makes me so happy to just be Kb, however that may look. I’ve always wanted to wear my hair in fun ways but the truth is I have been hindered by the old corporate adage of conservative and soft looking hairstyles.  It makes sense that a creative person could potentially wear pink hair.  I think I’m rocking it WELL and having fun at the same time.  





Paul Mitchell Pop XG is a vibrant color conditioner that has color deposits. Essentially, it’s a co-wash.  The more you use it the more it deposits and maintains the color.  If you no longer want the color you can use a clarifying cleanser and after a few washes, the color should fade away.    The Pop XG colors come in: Steel, Blue, Teal, Purple, Bordeaux (wine), Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow Green.   Brittany at Downtown Hair Salon applied the hot pink conditioner and sat me under the dryer to let the color set.


Hey Brittany!!



If you don’t want to use heat and prefer to gradually increase the color, lose the heat and just apply it instead of your next shampoo.  After my service, I was provided a complimentary bottle of the Pop XG that I use about once a week (as I continue to maintain the color).  The pink does stain the walls and tubs just a little bit but a few dabs of bleach cleaned it right on up.

Nothing makes me feel more confident than a fresh haircut (I’m still figuring out which direction I want to go).  While the Downtown Hair Salon designed my color, Keisha Cunningham gave me a nice scissor shape.  Keisha is actually my stylist for my FIRST BIG CHOP.  She taught me the process, the product, and how to shake my curls loose.  She really took care of my hair shape when I FIRST chopped my hair and I was glad to have her be a partner for this project as well.

Keisha can shape natural hair!   You can contact her for an appointment (615)397-1881.

If you’d like to make a statement with Paul Mitchell Pop XG Conditioning Color give Brittany, Saralynn or Marna a visit.  Downtown Hair Salon is located in Downtown Nashville,  off 4th Ave N. inside of the Arcade.  

Visit and make your appointment today!

What hairstyle would you get if your perception didn’t matter?

Karla (KB) Burnett is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Life. She loves coffee and donuts.  She is a Nashville Native and Lifestyle Blogger; a Free Spirit, and a Music Lover. Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.   

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