Concept 56 Retrograde – Enter to WIN Tickets to the Grand Finale!

So I have tickets to an event to giveaway, but first I am going to give you some context about the sponsors Yaegermister – Concept 56 so you can understand why you WANT to attend this party (other than the fact that I’ll be in attendance)!

Surprisingly, I’m not privy to ALL the unique and fun goings on in Nashville, but my sources that are deeper connected than I have been mentioning this Concept 56 group and that I needed to connect with it/them.


Concept 56 quietly began its search for 5 local creatives in the Nashville community in March 2016 .  Once a team was selected, the team was awarded salary, budget, popup office accommodations,  with access to some of the most creative resources in the Nashville community to develop the biggest event of a lifetime.  That’s it.

What every person who wanted to get into marketing envisions as marketing: creative resources to connect and dream, innovative millennial style space to develop, and financial backing to make that dream come true; in this case produce a party that Nashville has never seen.

Working with influential creatives in the Nashville community, this project started back in March, and the party, Retrograde,(the event I’m attending and bringing THREE guests) is the product of their six month’s work.

I am so mad I missed this pop-up marketing project sponsored by Yaegermister, but I LOVE the fact that Nashville was able to sell its creativity to an international brand!!

Enter to win tickets by clicking the link below!

We are gonna have a great time!

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