Cinco de Bey-o 2016

Let me start by saying I love Beyonce. I think she is a great artist and performer.  I will admit however, that I am not as much of a fan of the latest music, and I connect more with her older albums.  However her impact on the musical genre is undeniable.  I’ve never seen Beyonce perform live, so for that reason, I purchased a single ticket to a floor seat for Beyonce’s event 5/5/2016.  Because I wavered on even going because of the cost.  I didn’t purchase my ticket until a week before the event.  Fast forward, and the event was cancelled.

Cancelled you say?!  I will admit I was so irritated that my money was tied up and I was without a product.  Grr.

Read about the theories I heard for her cancellation, as well as see a few pictures from Acme’s rooftop Beyonce Mourning party below!

No other stop on the tour was cancelled, so why Nashville?  I have heard of a few theories:

  • The Nissan Stadium renovations weren’t complete
  • Nashville ticket sales were low and so a reschedule would allow time for additional ticket sales
  • Here’s a new theory I heard from a woman I met at Acme. She stated she heard that the initial leg of concerts were all in the same southeast area – Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Raleigh.  The Nashville concert was also included in the same southeast area.  The concert after Nashville is scheduled to be in Houston – which is also the beginning of the Western leg of her tour.  I heard that the team wanted Beyonce to be well rested for the long trip to Houston and the big performance in her home town and cancelled the Nashville event to give Beyonce more time to rest. Hmm….


Either way, she didn’t perform and the parties in Nashville were abundant to the Beyonce fans. AND it was Cinco de Mayo   I attended the party at Acme.  The BEYHIVE was in full affect, performing routines, and singing at the top of their lungs in a trance.  The BEYHIVE is real yall.  It was Cinco de Mayo and it was a cold front so while it was freezing on the roof, I’m sure the liquor was flowing and most of the ladies didn’t feel a thing.  The concert has been rescheduled to October and hopefully the ticket sales will increase.  Here’s my pictures from the rooftop at Acme. I really was more enamored with the view and the skyline honestly…


File May 06, 9 02 03 PM
This is the line on the stairs to the rooftop.

File May 06, 9 01 25 PM File May 06, 9 01 44 PM File May 06, 9 03 59 PM


Also cant’ forget to shout out to the Pred for winning their playoff game that night as well.  There were several people in line with Preds Jerseys and inside watching the game.  Let’s go Preds!


KB The Nashville Social Butterfly

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