Be Careful What You Wish For – You JUST MIGHT GET IT

So Yea, this really happened.  And before you blame it on Obama or the tumultuous year that 2016 has been, I will say that 2016 has NOT been that bad for me.  Not even this situation really makes me change my mind.  Some things do happen for a reason and sometimes shit just happens. The funny part is that I can’t believe people steal cars in 2016.  Ok well, maybe they don’t… Read on for the story.

So, if you have been following the blog, you will have read about my unhappiness in my Corporate Position, and my subsequent departure. If you are new, then you can catch up and read more about those scenarios.  Once I knew that I was tired of jumping from lily pad to lily pad, I decided to continue to grow my blog, using my natural selling and business development skills for small businesses, all while minimizing my expenses.  My 2012 Nissan Altima Coupe had $3500 left on it before it was paid

December 1
Dear Lord Help me Minimize my expenses and help you to maximize.  I started that process of minimization in November, and I moved #outeast to the Cleveland Park Area of Nashville, leaving behind my two bedrooms ONE bathroom single person apartment.   I finished three-quarters of the move, traveled to #DenverforThanksgiving and came home to finish out the move  — you know, the piddly items at the end of the move that you end up just throwing away.   We finished the move around 11:30 pm that night and collapsed in the bed — Moving is such hard work.

My dog Roxy, living in a new location, started crying at 4 am, needing to be walked. We remembered that I left her crate in the car and so Santana got up to walk her.  A few seconds later he yelled baby your car is gone, call the police.  I was more in shock that my car had been stolen than I was upset, as I had full coverage insurance.  What would they do with my car?

The police asked me the general questions, filled out a police complaint, and that was that.  The police stated that there was an 80% chance that my car would be recovered and if it were, that they would contact me.  I figured whoever stole my car would drive it a few days and then just park it.  My car parts were factory installed, so in my mind, the day of a car being chopped up and sold for parts was a thing of the past.

December 3

Sure enough, I was contacted by the Metro Police that my car had been recovered and after “processing” (which included fingerprinting) it would be available for pickup, as it appeared “driveable.”  For two weeks I patiently waited while my car was processed.

December 12

By this time I have not seen my car since December 1st and was anxious to pick it up to see what condition it was in.  I arrived at the impound, and after paying the fee, I was golf carted to the slot that held my car.
As we rolled via the golf cart to my car, all I could see were wrecked cars, and I had an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.  About two cars away I saw my car and immediately I got to snapping, cracking, and popping.  My car was damaged beyond recognition, and I didn’t do it. I  There were cigar guts dumped in the car, and my car reeked of gasoline, and it had gas cans in the back seat. Just all disrespectful.  The airbag on the driver’s side was deployed, and after attempting, the car did not start.  In no way was the car driveable.

I called my insurance (who had let up on communication with me because my car was recovered, problem solved right?) and let them know that my car was destroyed and was instructed to wait for the insurance claims inspector to inspect my car to determine if the damages were in totality.

I posted a Flipagram to my Instagram, or you copy and paste the link below for a slideshow of pictures.

I purchased my Crimson Black Nissan Altima Coupe January 2012, brand new for a total of $30k.  It was a pick me up after a period of massive loss and change.  In 2011 my younger brother passed away from complications of paraplegia,  I started my first REAL corporate job, and I had broken off an engagement.  That year I moved home during the holidays and was down in the dumps from November to just after the new year.   All I did was try to survive at work and come home and sleep.  At the time I owned a 2005 Nissan Altima sedan, and it was approaching 100k miles.  I thought hey, its time for a new car, and decided to get what I wanted.  I wanted a car that identified with the life I was embracing — single, sporty, and focused on myself.  I originally wanted to purchase Infinity G35 coupe but didn’t like the idea of not being able to park it in the garage, so I settled for a simpler version – the Nissan Altima Coupe.  It was the first new car I’ve ever purchased, on my own, and I got to pick options I HAD to HAVE – BOSE Stereo and a SUNROOF.  Just enough room for me and my dog. When I purchased the car, it has 57 miles on it and it smelled of new car smell.  I remember driving off the lot as I hit the road to Atlanta.  I was feeling myself for sure.

As of December 2016, I owed $3500 on the car and had put about 68,0000 miles on it.  To see my possession in that condition due to no fault of mine broke a little piece of my independent heart.

Another funny story is that I have been pitching a story about the negative perceptions of folks using mass transportation (the bus or train) in the south.  I’ve always thought it interesting to go to Chicago and choose to ride the train but in Nashville riding the bus can get you frowned upon.  I wanted to experiment with riding the bus, provide those details to the Mayors’ office and promote bus riding as a viable option for transportation.  I wanted to do that with the security of having my car parked at the house.  Or at least so called security because a possession doesn’t give you security.  You and the value you add give You security.

I’ve always prayed to live a life that was truly authentic, so NOW that my car is totaled, I will be riding the bus.  But it will no longer be a cute experiment.   Life happened to me and riding the bus (and not immediately purchasing a car) is truly a viable option.

So here I am — 34, no house, not married, no car, just quit my job, truly starting over and living my truth.  I’m scared yall, but I have nowhere to go from here but UP.  Here’s the moral in my telling you this story.  What if you didn’t have all these THINGs to define you – would you know who you are?

I’m going to call all of it STUFF — your looks, your degrees, your businesses, your money.  Because that’s all it really is.  I can say that from being on both sides of the stuff.

I believe we don’t need stuff. Stuff is fun because you are bored or I remember having Stuff just because I could. Buying stuff it is an insatiable habit that constantly searches for MORE…..STUFF.   The only thing satisfying in life is purpose, growth, and loving one another.  We must remember to define the stuff in sensible perspective and not let the stuff define who we are.  If you are only “cool” because of how you look, of what you have,  how much pressure is it to keep up with STUFF?  True value in self will allow you to grow and change the STUFF because you define it, not the other way around.

So I’m going to enjoy this period of humility and humbleness and I look forward to sharing with you all my adventures on the bus and my shifting mindset, and all the other things this journey is teaching me.

Yours Truly,


Karla is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Sociology and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration from Bethel University.  She is a Nashville Native and Lifestyle Blogger; a Free Spirit, and a Music Lover. If you need a Creative Consultant for your events, ask me how! To subscribe to her monthly newsletter click here.  She recently ran away from Corporate America.  If you want to talk with her about how you can make that transition email me:

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