Career Day at Antioch Middle Preparatory School

I had the pleasure of participating in Career Day at Antioch Middle Prep School, invited by Community Achieves. Community Achieves prepared a forum over two days, and two sessions (morning and afternoon) for two hours, groups of 5th-8th graders rotated around different 8-10 stations for 10 minute Question and Answer about our careers.    I represented day two, afternoon session and spoke to my growing career and brand with and how you can create opportunities for your career path doing whatever it is your enjoy doing.

The main idea I wanted to leave with the children is the understanding that instead of updating your information on social media,  what if you update YOUR  website, a blog (which, by the way, I have a blog post coming to explain what a blog is, so hang tight).  There on your blog you can create your community.  Within your community, you can provide your expertise as products and services.  The kids followed up with what is their “expertise?” To which I replied, “something you enjoy doing so much that you do it without being told.”  For example:

In particular, the most memorable child I met was a young boy whose name we will call “Terrance.”  He stated that he liked to play basketball.  I explained to him how he could start a website called “Terrance Types”  There he could write about his favorite players, how he balances his schoolwork and studies and basketball, his favorite drills, as well as his predictions concerning the upcoming games.  I was intentional about creating a website with the child’s name included in it as made my point hit home.   As I started giving him ideas about what they could blog about, his eyes lit up, and he chimed in “what tennis shoes are best,” “what they eat to stay healthy.”  Boom!  He understood. Mission accomplished.  A few of the brighter kids even connected the dots and said (in middle school talk) “Oh and then you get a lot of people coming to your site and then you can sell advertisements.”  BINGO!  If only one kid got excited about the possibilities in owning their own business and being the expert in ANYTHING you love to do — then my purpose that day was fulfilled.

I left the building energized and happy as it resonated in my head “Karla maybe you should try teaching.”

See a cute video of the kids waving at my camera –

I’ll keep you updated on the teaching bit because I’m actively pursuing next steps to substitute teacher soon.   Oh about that too. Yea.  I’m finally ready to talk…a little bit.

So anywho.

Thanks to the Antioch Middle Prep School Faculty and Staff for being so kind and supportive of me and my talking points with the children.   Thank you, educators, for all that you do to raise, nurture, look over, care for our youth.   I am the daughter of a teacher, so I know.

Thanks to Community Achieves for a well-organized and informative event, where I was able to connect with both the children and other presenters.

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