Blogging the Ballet Ball 2017 Part Two // The Performance

The Ballet Ball was a huge event and I intended to make the most of the day.  After my first gig as an event host, I didn’t schedule a photographer and I missed out on capturing pictures of me in a makeup look I’ve never worn before.  THIS time I was prepared.

I wanted to wear makeup again and also to be sure to capture photos of the dress.  Scheduling a photo shoot with Nashville photographer Drea Brown was a breeze, by sending a text, I was on his calendar.

Downtown Nashville was electric as the Nashville Predators were playing the Chicago Blackhawks in hockey – traffic and parking was a nightmare and in retrospect,  I should have taken an Uber.

That night the plan was to meet outside at the Schermerhorn, take a few pictures downtown capturing the city lights and energy, have a cocktail at a bar in the area. Here are some of my favorite photos that were captured by D Brown Photography:






Me in Front of the Fountains




Me and my date for the evening – Atlanta Event Planner Kilwante Kelly






After photos we initially went to the Palm Restaurant for a cocktail, They were too packed and so we back-tracked to Trattoria Il Mulino. Best idea ever.   The bartenders were more than friendly to us — but I think it was the makeup and sequins.  We also were able to partake in the charging station.  Battery back to full I was able to finish documenting the evening.

We then made it to the Late Party on time, at 8pm.  As we walked up, there were 3-4 photographers ready to take our photo.  As we entered the Schermerhorn lobby, we were greeted by lively music and bubbling energy.    The band – Bizz and Everyday People –  was set up on the 2nd floor.  On the first floor, we were served hors d’oeuvre- beef tenderloin sliders, mini BLTs, and grilled cheese bits (the shape of slices of bread).

Also in the lobby in rotation, were live statues:










Here’s a shot of the hors d’oeuvre trays:










And finally here’s a picture of the magnificently lighted Schermerhorn Symphony:









Here was, IMO, the best dress:









The agenda of the night began with a presentation from the Nashville Ballet as well as thanking the sponsors and attendees.   The Fisk Jubilee singers filed on the stage in black and began a song while the ballet danced.  Next was a song with Shannon Sanders with a Nashville Ballet duet, and finally a song by Muddy Magnolias and a Nashville Ballet full company performance.

The Fisk Jubilee singers were presented with the Ballet Ball’s annual award The Synergy Award.  Dr. Paul Kwami, musical director for the Fisk Jubilee singers accepted the award on their behalf and provided remarks.

After the performances, it was time to “dance the night away”  to Bizz and Everyday people who played tunes ranging from  Stevie Wonder to Bruno Mars! It was a blast to be able to dance on the very same stage we watched earlier performances.  We were so close to the band that a few times I almost grabbed the microphone and sang along.  It was a great time!  Around midnight it was time for these princesses to head home.  Feet hurting, full of happy good time energy we walked back to the car and made it on home.  I’m looking forward to the next event!



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